2 comments on “Milestone: Group photo on top of Mountain in Whistler”

  1. dboswell wrote on

    My favorite part of the 2010 Summit was coming home after being gone for a week and showing my 4 year old daughter this group photo. She thought it was so cool that I got to hang out with monsters for work and I spent the next several days making up stories about the things the monsters were doing there — and she might have believed some of what I said 🙂

    My other favorite experiences were the World Fair and Science Fair. I just blogged about that at


    There are lots of links to photos, wiki pages and more there.

  2. Gervase Markham wrote on

    I remember that the cable car station was a little higher up the mountain than the restaurant, and they provided simple plastic sleds to allow us to slide down from one to the other. A really nice touch 🙂