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10 days of Mozillians: meet Ben!

Firefox is turning 10! In order to celebrate, meet 10 Mozillians from all over the world.
They share with us how they feel about Mozilla and the Web : their memories, their daily life as a Mozillian, their expectations for the next 10 years and more.

Benjamin Kerensa

“Mozilla means open because it is moving the Open Web forward and ensuring it is protected and open for all to access and build.”

Ben Kerensa

Hi Benjamin!

First of all would you please introduce yourself in a few words, and give us three keywords that define you?

My name is Benjamin Kerensa and I’m 30. I live in Portland, Oregon and am an IT Consultant. I’m passionate about building communities around open-source projects and moving the Open Web forward. In my spare time, I enjoy hobbies such as photography and soap making. Keywords: Open, Innovation, Community.

How and when did you discover the Web?

I discovered the web in the 1990’s in school where I got an opportunity to use Mosaic, a predecessor to Netscape Navigator, which was my primary browser for a number of years. I would surf the web and use early search engines to find information and learn.

If you had one thing to say to the world about the Internet and its potential, what would it be?

I would say that the possibilities of the Internet are beyond anything we can imagine. The Internet continues to evolve far beyond what anyone had ever imagined and it is important that we protect this resource so its available to everyone.

If you had one word or sentence to describe Mozilla, what would it be?

For me, Mozilla means open because it is moving the Open Web forward and ensuring it is protected and open for all to access and build.

What do you like the most about contributing to Mozilla?

I like the feeling of knowing the work I do will impact millions of people around the world in a positive way. I enjoy knowing that everyone from schoolchildren to world leaders use software that I help build and that software helps them do what they are passionate about.

What would be your best memory with your fellow community members?

My most fond memory is gathering with Mozillians for Summit and being able to be equally excited about how were all working on something so much bigger than ourselves.

What exciting things do you envision for Mozilla in the future?

I truly believe Mozilla’s future is bright and that millions of people around the world will look to Mozilla to be a good steward of the Open Web and help push the open web forward through amazing open-source software and new platforms and tools.

Thanks Ben!