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Firefox 59 new contributors

With the upcoming release of Firefox 59, we are pleased to welcome the 53 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 49 of whom were brand new volunteers! Please join us in thanking each of these diligent and enthusiastic individuals, and take a look at their contributions:

One comment on “Firefox 59 new contributors”

  1. JPMcFadden wrote on

    I support open-source programming, and I am very grateful to those who contribute. I wish I still could, via programming, but I’ll have to keep sending a few ‘bucks’ your way every month, since I haven’t kept up with the craft.
    I was a computer programmer for a small business in the early 1970’s, working on PDP-8 and PDP-11 machines, during work terms away from the University of Waterloo.
    I learned “machine language”, as well as the other popular ones at the time – COBOL, FORTRAN, etc.
    I had to write, correct and update code, in order to keep the company’s many clients’ databases working properly.
    It was sometimes tedious work, especially when the other person’s code wasn’t always accompanied by a textual explanation.
    I still enjoyed it, and the challenge that was presented to me in improving on something that worked.
    I feel like I’m in good hands, here.
    All the best!