Monthly Labs’ Meet Ups

Starting this month we’re going to begin hosting regular monthly meetings to bring together people interested in learning more about and getting involved in Labs’ projects as we work to build and scale an innovation lab as a public resource.

Instead of launching this initiative with a grand plan, we’re going to start pretty informally and figure out the format as we go. And while we’ll start in the Bay Area, the hope is to quickly expand to other locales. As the open source mantra goes: “release early, release often”.

The first such meet up will be this coming Wednesday, June 25th at 6pm. The location will be Mozilla’s office at 1981 Landings Drive in Mountain View, California. There will be informal talks and progress updates on the various active Labs projects as well as plenty of opportunity for discussion and hacking. We’ll also try to stream the session out to the Labs site.

We hope to have much more to share following this initial meeting as we get a feel for how to structure these meet ups as well as when and where the next one will be!

If you’re local and able to attend this first meet up, we hope to see you on Wednesday but do RSVP by commenting on this blog so that we’ll know how much pizza to order. 😉

Update: Anant has posted a write up on the first of hopefully many regular Lab’s Meet Ups. More soon.

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  1. araç sorgulama wrote on :

    lol, I’ll swim from Indonesia to California…

  2. adtech ile reklam 2.0 dönemi başlıyor ve Trkycmhrytllbtpydrklcktr seo yarışması wrote on :

    Thanks to mozilla admin..

  3. densscessario wrote on :

    “Mountain View, California. ”

    lol, I’ll swim from Indonesia to California…

  4. shahidhussain wrote on :

    +2 from the Kellogg team!

  5. jgoulie wrote on :

    For those of you who are remote but would like to follow the Labs meet-up, streaming will be available starting at 6.15pm PDT.
    You can also listen and participate using the following number:
    1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600

  6. francois wrote on :

    bmacfarland & rhpt > +1

    Is it possible to get some informations about what’s happen?

  7. rhpt wrote on :

    I know this is off-topic, but what’s going on with the forums and Weave? Many people have not been able to login and there’s been no word from the Labs team. Help!

  8. bmacfarland wrote on :

    I’m tempted to go to find out if we are going to Weave 0.2 or at least Weave 0.1 come back.

    I haven’t been able to log into Weave and the Mozilla Labs forums have been down for maintenance for a few days now.

    Don’t mean to be a complainer, it just has so much potential and was working fine with 0.1. Big shame as I see it as the most important thing to come for Firefox in some time.

  9. dmose wrote on :


  10. Pam wrote on :

    In! +1

  11. RayKiddy wrote on :


  12. frewsxcv wrote on :

    I should be able to make it. I’m a high school student at Mountain View High School and have been following Mozilla for quite some time. I help out with Bugzilla/Live Chat…is it fine I come?

  13. mkaply wrote on :

    Obviously I’m very interested in this, but no where near Mountain View. Hopefully you can provide some online way to do this because I have labs projects I can talk about.