Weave Scheduled Downtime (6/30)

Chris Beard


In the next few hours we will be making changes to the primary server cluster for the Weave experimental prototype, as part of the rollout of the 0.2 update.  These changes will cause the service to be offline or unstable until they are complete.  Thanks for your patience, we will post an update when the changes are complete.

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    Thanks mozilla..

    Love mozilla firefox 😉

  2. Maurizio Vicentini wrote on :

    Updated to v. 0.2.4 but still having the following errors and can’t log in:
    2008-07-16 16:17:11 Sync.Status INFO Skipping modal sync
    2008-07-16 16:17:20 Service.Main INFO Weave Sync Service Initializing
    2008-07-16 16:17:20 Chrome.Window INFO Logging in…
    2008-07-16 16:17:20 Chrome.Window INFO User string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; it; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052906 Firefox/3.0
    2008-07-16 16:17:20 Chrome.Window INFO Weave version: 0.2.4
    2008-07-16 16:17:28 Service.Main INFO Making sure server is initialized…
    2008-07-16 16:17:30 Service.DAV WARN _makeRequest: got status 404
    2008-07-16 16:17:30 Service.Main INFO Server has no version file. Wiping server data.
    2008-07-16 16:17:30 Service.DAV WARN _makeRequest: got status 405
    2008-07-16 16:17:30 Service.Util ERROR propfind failed Error code: 405
    2008-07-16 16:17:30 Async.Generator ERROR Exception: checkStatus failed

  3. Paolo M. Grossholz wrote on :

    What about Weave ??? Is it still down ???
    Tryng to sync but still idle

  4. Maurizio Vicentini wrote on :

    Is it still down…?

  5. DavidW wrote on :

    Is it still down? It keeps giving me “2008-07-01 21:37:14 Async.Generator ERROR Exception: Login failed

  6. espiox wrote on :


  7. thunder wrote on :

    Yup, that’s the reason for the downtime.

  8. espiox wrote on :

    Still on track for a release today/tomorrow?