Weave Scheduled Downtime (6/24-6/25)

The primary server cluster providing the back-end for the Weave experimental prototype will be mostly offline and largely unstable over the next 24 to 48 hours. We are migrating servers as well as preparing for the Weave 0.2 update. Thank you for your patience. More details soon.

Update: The updates to the server have been completed. We’re testing development builds now and expect to be ready to release the new client prototype that makes use of the new backend by Monday, June 30th. Work continues to debug issues related to logging in and file locking that seems to affect some users. Please stay tuned for more details.

12 responses

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  2. dguillaume wrote on :

    is the update still coming out today?

  3. MforMichael wrote on :

    thanks for the update!

    @ Matt i experience a similar behavior when weave tries to sync (on vista). let’s hope it’s one of those bugs removed with the next update 🙂

  4. toma wrote on :

    Good Luck for the update. I wish you all the best and more and more success with this useful project…
    I really need v0.2. I don’t want to share my “escort girls weblinks” at office. 😀

  5. mrpeepers wrote on :

    still waiting….

  6. dguillaume wrote on :

    Is their any update on weave 0.2 yet?

  7. talldean wrote on :

    Any update on when the downtime might be over?

  8. mrpeepers wrote on :

    well? where’s the new version! damn google sync for not continuing the project!!!

  9. Matt wrote on :

    Thanks for letting us know. Could this be a reason Firefox keeps locking up on Vista for me? It acts like it’s trying to connect, never does, but it also never says error. Or is this something else?

  10. dutchguy wrote on :

    Good to hear some news about Weave, it was getting awfully quiet (and the forums were down), but it seems you have been very busy.

  11. spotter wrote on :

    well, weave should be made to act better with downtime, its popping up a lot to ask me to login.

  12. WolverineFan wrote on :

    Very cool! Good luck with the changes!