Labs Update – November 2008

Welcome to the first issue of about:labs, a new weekly newsletter that showcases innovation across the Mozilla community. In the coming weeks we’ll adopt the same infrastructure as the popular about:mozilla newsletter.

Concepts of the Week

Here’s some ideas we’ve found that have sparked thoughts in our minds from the Concept Series and across the Web; we hope they inspire you, too.

Please do join us and contribute your own thoughts, mock-ups, or prototypes. We’ll be highlighting new concepts each week.

  • Herdict Web is an upcoming project that aims to make diagnosing network accessibility problems a lot easier.
  • Web of Trust is a Firefox extension that aims to warn you before you enter a risky website through a social web-of-trust model.
  • Maxview of Browser History is an interesting mock-up of visual browser history.
  • Adaptive HTML Rendering Lens is a fascinating proposal for new Firefox functionality.

Ubiquity Update

The Ubiquity team is currently working on Ubiquity 0.2 Roadmap Proposals to determine the feature set of Ubiquity 0.2 and figure out how to get there from here. Feel free to contribute to this wiki page or the ongoing discussion in the mailing list.

Weave Update

The Weave team is currently working on version 0.3 and has recently released a proposed Server 0.3 API, along with a new server prototype.

Additionally, Jono DiCarlo just posted an awesome new UI proposal for Weave on Fennec. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Snowl Progress

The Snowl team is working on the next version of Snowl, with more and better views, the ability to send messages, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Monthly Labs Meetup – November 2008

It’s time for another Monthly Meetup. This month’s Labs Night will be next Wednesday, November 12th, 6pm at Mozilla’s office – 1981 Landings Drive, bldg K in Mountain View, California.

We are super excited about this session. The teams from Seedcamp are spending the week in Silicon Valley and will be joining us on Wednesday evening. Several Mozilla folks will be giving lightning talks – Dion Almaer will be discussing the Ajax revolution and how it dovetails with UX; Jono DiCarlo will give an update on Mozilla Labs projects; and David Ascher and the Thunderbird team will discuss their latest UI experiments. We’ll also have time for discussion, hacking, and of course, pizza. 🙂

If you are in the Bay Area we’d love to see you next week! Please RSVP in the comments of this blog post so we know how many to expect. Thanks!

5 responses

  1. Owen wrote on :

    That visual history concept is SO cool…anyone want to make it? 😛

  2. Peterson Espaçoporto wrote on :

    Oh please guys, where is prism? Just a back button in the next version and I’d be happy with it…

  3. funtom wrote on :

    That’s right, where’s Prism?

  4. lrbabe wrote on :

    “The Weave team is currently working on Ubiquity 0.3”
    I guess they are more likely to work on Weave 0.3

  5. David wrote on :

    No Prism news here again. Is this project dead ?