Mozilla Labs Meetup – Thursday 1/22

It’s the first Labs Meetup of 2009! Our January Labs Night will be this Thursday, 1/22, 6pm at Mozilla’s office – 1981 Landings Drive, bldg K in Mountain View, California.

We will hear progress updates on various active Labs projects and we would love to hear from you! Get involved with a Labs project. Get feedback on your own projects. As always, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and hacking. And of course, pizza 🙂

If you are in the Bay Area we’d love to see you next week!  Please RSVP here so we know how many to expect. Thanks!

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  1. Oalie Negel wrote on :

    Hey, What Up Ya’ll !?/

    So, I’ve been lookin` around & this seems like the best idea for a Online {Email} Submission. Otherwise it looks like Paper is the Choice Delivery Method for Corporate Development. I was Looking to Use SeaMonkey in Conjunction with Personas & Introduce a Series of Designs from Oalie Style® Image Studioz®, Our 24-Bit Image Rendering Division. I wanted to Integrate the Mozilla Logo Program Images with some Designs for the Browser.
    Next. Customization on the End of Icon Development & Toolbar Development could be added as well as Cross-Collaboration with Google Advertising. I’m Looking at Developing a New Business Subsidiary of Sorts & Integrate that with the Pilot Program for Developers & Designers as a Comprehensive Network: e.g. Developers, Designers & Business. The Power of 3. My thing is I span 100+ Venues & sometimes come up short with Coding +-. I say Plus, Minus because I have New Coding Methods & even Extensions, but Lack some Basics in Programming, kind of. Example, G|Street® Icon comes up in Mozilla Firefox, but not IE 7/8. It renders & displays as it should in IE, but in Firefox, without Absolute Positioning, everything goes Left & Not Stays Put or even Centered.
    The Pilot Program, as I see It, should have Login, a Social Network on the backbone & even integration with the IRChat. I want to make sure I say what’s fresh on my mind before i lose it, even though I have the bookmarks. I’ve got Oalie Style® Web & I could see that going Geek. Going to a Haven for Programming where Designers, Programers & Business meet. I am very Open to Ideas & these Integrations of Custom Browsers for Serving on my other Websites. e.g. The SeaMonkey Personas Customized with Firefox Logo. It fits well with my Chat Theme. As you’ll see while browsing the site…Alot of Chat & Social Networking with Twists is the Theme. Really, just to Put Perspective on, I develop Microsoft Technologies too. Specialties would include Code Formatting, which in All Cases across the Board is inadequate & creates Lag. 75% of Top Performing Corps & Wesites, regardless. The Packaging is sometimes off, we worry too much about Concealing our Code & Not about the Evolving Internet. Really, even though things are Going Up, Looking Up, we want to Work with Google & Others leading in the Industry & Have Well Reason too, things are almost going stale…Like, not Really, but there’s all this Research, all this Development & all this Knocking on Doors, but, Nothing.. Anyway, just some Ideas, you’ve got the Email. I’m in Vegas. Looking for ANY Reason @ All, @ All to come back to California.
    If Nothing else, I know these are some Good Ideas to Post on your Network. But the Social Aspect of Combination is where this Development in Mozilla needs to Lead regardless the way I see It & the way you say or are perceived to say that you need it. Shucks. Later. Keep it Real. (702) 810-3444 if you wanna get Real & Brainstorm. Just Know, it’ll take me a few minutes to get Comfortable & Night Time is usually best. Later.

  2. Jason Persampieri wrote on :

    Excellent meeting. It was great meeting y’all!

  3. pohvak wrote on :

    yeah, i agree with “blair mcbride”, please let us see that meetup in video PLEASE!

  4. Blair McBride wrote on :

    Any chance of getting a video recording of this meetup? Even an audio recording would be great. I doesn’t have to be live. I always feel I miss out on some really exciting stuff that happens during these Labs Nights, being so remote.