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  1. chris wrote on :

    Is weave supported in the windows mobile 6 build yet? I tried fennec-1.0a1pre.en-US.wince-arm but didn’t see it under preferences…I’m using an AT&T Fuze.

  2. chris wrote on :

    Is weave still only supported on Nokia? I tried on a windows mobile 6 device using build fennec-1.0a3pre.en-US.wince-arm, but I don’t see weave setup under preferences. I also tried searching for weave under add-ons, but the search found nothing. I’m anxious to give this a try on my AT&T Fuze. =)

  3. Jono wrote on :

    Hi Mike,
    I just discovered this bug today. It is fixed, but the fix is not yet released. You can be patient and wait for the next Weave release, or you can download the not-yet-released version from here:


    Install that on Fennec, restart, and it ought to work for you.

  4. Mike Winters wrote on :

    Update: I tried the current version on Addons (0.2.116) on the 1.0b1 windows fennec build as well, with the same results. Shows up as installed, but no ui change in the preferences menu.

    However, the build located at http://people.mozilla.com/~jdicarlo/wf.xpi works on both Windows and Maemo, although the sync failed on Windows.

    Also, my tablet is an N800, it works fine, although password input isn’t properly hildonized.

  5. Mike Winters wrote on :

    I have the latest version of weave installed on fennec 1.0b1. It’s listed in the add-ons section as installed, but there’s no weave item in the preferences menu.

  6. Jono wrote on :

    Hi Steve,
    I haven’t tested it on an N800, so I don’t know if it will work, but I suspect it won’t.

    If you decide to try it, please let us know if it works or how it fails. Thanks!

  7. Steve wrote on :

    Any reason this should not also apply to the N800? (running the 2008 upgrade)