Ubiquity internationalization blogging roundup

There has been a lot of good discussion lately about the problem of internationalizing Ubiquity’s command-line interface. Because the CLI has notions about natural-language grammar embedded in it, localizing the interface to another language is not just a matter of substituting strings. It will require more effort, but also potentially offers more reward.

A lot of the discussion has been taking place on personal weblogs, which makes it a bit hard to follow what’s been going on. To counteract that, here’s a round-up of important articles that have been written so far.

Describing the general problem:

Language-specific articles:

Proposals for partial solutions:

There is also now a mailing list, ubiquity-i18n@googlegroups.com, for discussing internationalization of Ubiquity. We are eager for your feedback, especially if you’re a localizer in the Mozilla community.

— Jono, on behalf of Ubiquity development team

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  1. isriya wrote on :

    Hi jono,

    I was the one who asked you about Thai support at the Summit. I’ll write the sum-up for Thai issues and send it to you soon.

  2. sethb wrote on :

    The Tower of Babel URL was a “page not found” on your blog and when I copy and paste it here, it looks like this:


    In addition to the stuff mentioned above, there is also a wiki set up for i18n of Ubiqity: