Weave M5 Development Milestone

Weave Sync is a prototype that encrypts and securely synchronizes the Firefox experience across multiple browsers, so that your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone can all work together. It is part of the Weave project, which aims to integrate services more closely with the browser.

M5 Development Milestone

We’re proud to announce the release of the next development milestone of Weave Sync on the road towards the upcoming 0.3 release

Major Features

What is Weave Sync all about? In short, Weave Sync lets you securely take your Firefox experience with you to all your Firefox browsers — including our mobile browser, codenamed Fennec. It currently supports continuous synchronization of your bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs. For example:

  • Get the same results on the Smart Location Bar on each of your Firefox browsers, so you can get to your favorite sites with just a few keystrokes
  • Continue what you were doing: have the ability to open any tab you have open on any of your Firefox browsers
  • Keep the same list of bookmarks on all of your Firefox browsers
  • Easily sign in to all your favorite sites using your saved passwords (this is especially handy on mobile phones, where it’s hard to type in complex passwords)
  • Do it all securely: Weave Sync encrypts user data before uploading it to Mozilla’s servers, so that only you can access your data

What’s new in M5?

  • Improved reliability and performance, specially on Fennec.
  • Added the first pass of a set of user controls to help recover from sync problems: one way sync up/down, force a slow-sync.
  • Polished UI on Firefox and Fennec.

Getting Involved with Testing and Development

— Dan Mills, on behalf of the Weave development team

8 responses

  1. Drew wrote on :

    I’ve been signed up from the early days as a test user of Weave. The Weave development group could help us out by letting us know (proactively by e-mail) when it will introduce a new version of Weave, and particularly when the new version of Weave will require update of the FF to newer version. My Weave client hasn’t been working since the beginning of February. I’d been busy so did not investigate until today. Now I know that I must run the 3.5 beta FF client to use Weave. I would have rather found out about this from an e-mail in advance instead of having to approach it as a problem that needs to be solved. Just a suggestion of a loyal supporter.

  2. Craig wrote on :

    There are some bookmarks that I do *not* want to sync. Can I tag them with ‘private’ or some other indicator to prevent those from being sent out?

  3. Andrew wrote on :

    Sounds very cool 🙂

    Also, you might want to change the link from http://services.mozilla.com/ to https://services.mozilla.com/ . I know it redirects anyway, but for those who notice these things just helps emphasize the security aspect. And it also avoids adding a useless entry to the Awesomebar dropdown.

  4. Dan Mills wrote on :

    Tab sync does not force you to keep the tabs the same–rather, it just makes it easy to restore tabs from other computers. You can do so by going to the History menu.

    We’re looking for other ways to expose this information as well. Possibilities include the tabs menu on the far-right of the tabstrip, as well as places like the new tab page.

  5. curts wrote on :

    I have Weave 0.2.117 installed on two instances of Firefox 3.1b3, but I’m not seeing the tab sync work, even though I have it selected.

  6. Jilles Oldenbeuving wrote on :

    Ah, okay then 😉 Was hoping it was that, and not an unnecessary requirement! (Some of my beloved plugins don’t work yet on 3.1b3)

    Keep up the good work!

  7. thunder wrote on :

    Yes, sorry, but Weave uses several features in 3.1b3–in fact, we’ve been working closely with the Firefox team, and they have added a few features specifically for Weave.

    Give 3.1b3 a spin, it works great for me!

  8. Jilles Oldenbeuving wrote on :

    Is it completely necessary to have beta 3 as a requirement? It makes me choose between bugs in FF or new features in Weave…

    Love Weave though, can’t wait until this goes mainstraim!