Labs Update – March 2009


March 2009

Concept Series

We are currently collecting feedback on a proposed web-based collaboration tool/space for the Concept Series. Learn more and join the discussion over on the discussion forum.

Design Challenge – Spring 09

More than 40 ideas from around the world were submitted to our inaugural Design Challenge. Thirty participants were selected to join the tutoring & mentoring phase. Check out our awesome tutorials, recorded and available here.



Labs is expanding its experiment in personalization by launching the newest version of Personas with a cleaner, friendlier look, and hundreds of new designs. With the support and imagination of the Labs community, Personas has evolved through a set of iterations but remained focused on three key concepts:

1.    It shouldn’t be hard to make your browser a little more fun and personal.
2.    You should be able to personalize your entire online experience with lots of great designs.
3.    The artist in you should be able to treat the browser as your canvas.

You can download the latest extension on AMO or on As always, we’ll be listening to your feedback to continue making the online experience more fun and personal.


Weave 0.3 was released, and includes a major rewrite of many of Weave’s key components since the last major release in June.  If you have not looked at Weave recently, now is a great time to jump in and try it out! More info here.


The Bespin project is going strong, check out the latest news here. Also from the Developer Tools team, an new memory tool.

Labs Nights

If you’re hosting a Labs Night in your area, please let us know and we’ll add it to the event calendar and post it on this site.

London – Bespin Event

Ben, Dion and Joe from the Bespin team presented the latest version of Bespin to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 40 people at London’s The Hub. There was a lively discussion about a broad range of topics, ranging from the Open Web in general, JavaScript and Accessibility to ideas for future use cases for the Bespin technology. Stay tuned for the next Mozilla Labs Meetup in London in April.

Mountain View

This month’s Labs Night Mountain View was great. Three of our Design Challenge participants presented their mockups in progress for feedback. Their work so far is super impressive and we are looking forward to sharing it. Stay tuned for the next Labs meetup in April!

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  1. e. smith wrote on :

    like the idea of the ‘personas’ for dressing up the browser… what i’d have liked more is to be able to put my own background on the opening page. or perhaps make it somewhat transparent in the white area to be able to see my own desktop behind it. thanks