Personas Gallery is Quickly Expanding

Four weeks ago, the Personas Team — with your support — released version 1.0 of the Personas experiment with a friendlier look and feel, improved functionality, and an expanded gallery of designs. Since the launch, Personas has been downloaded over 2.5 million times and has exceeded 1 million active daily users (see graph below from AMO). More importantly, we have welcomed over 3,000 new designers and over 5,000 new designs to the Personas community.


opportunities to collaborate with the Personas team

Members of the Personas community are now submitting designs faster than the Personas team can approve them, which has led to a large queue of designs waiting for approval. This is a nice challenge to have, and we are working diligently to evaluate and approve designs that meet the program’s terms of service. The immediate goal is to reduce the size of the approval queue. The near-term goal is to reduce the amount of time a community member needs to wait between submitting a design and being able to view that design in the gallery and share it with friends. If you are interested in collaborating with the Personas team on these goals, please send an email to

Other ways to help:

— suneel gupta, on behalf of the Personas Development team

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  1. RAJA wrote on :

    awesome work

  2. suneel gupta wrote on :

    You will be notified when your persona design has been approved for the gallery. Because of the large number of designs that are being submitted every day, the Personas team is working diligently through a significant backlog. In the meantime, you can view your design on your own browser by following these steps:

    1. If you have Personas installed, click on the little fox on the bottom left of your computer screen.

    2. Click on “Preferences” and ensure the box “Show Custom Persona in Menu” is checked and close the box.

    3. Click on the little fox again. Mouse over “Custom” in the menu and to the right find and click “Edit”.

    This will take you to a custom persona interface that will let you design any persona you like for your own computer.

  3. ClubUgly wrote on :

    How about letting the submitter at least view his upload and download it via his account of course until the approval for public distribution becomes available?

  4. ClubUgly wrote on :

    Man how do we get our personas approved or some kind of confirmation status as to approved or denied. I have submitted mine twice just so I can add to all the computers in my company and I can’t do it any other way I think without creating this account for personas.


  5. barb wrote on :

    i have the firefox calender up for my screen saver i am trying to put up may and i can’t remeber how to get into it