Open Design Lunch – May 14 in Mountain View

Tomorrow Mozilla Labs is hosting an “open design lunch” at the Mozilla offices in Mountain View. A open design lunch is an informal lunchtime discussion about specific user experience design problems in web sites, web apps, desktop apps, and other things folks are working on.

We’ll solicit topics from attendees at the beginning of the lunch, divvy up the available time between them, learn about each problem in turn, and brainstorm solutions.

Anyone dealing with design challenges who is looking for help resolving them is welcome to join us! You provide the problems, and we’ll provide the food and feedback. (You’re also welcome if you just want to provide feedback on other people’s design issues!)

To join us, come to 1981 Landings Drive, Building K, Mountain View, CA 94043 at noon tomorrow, Thursday, May 13. Let us know if you’re coming (and how many of you there are) by commenting on this blog post so we get a sense for how much food to order.

See you soon!

— Myk Melez, on behalf of the Mozilla Labs team

3 responses

  1. Jakob Hilden wrote on :

    If my interview schedule allows it I would love to participate.

    See you tomorrow morning Myk 😉

  2. Ranjitha Kumar wrote on :

    I will be attending! Thanks!

  3. Tamsin Harriman wrote on :

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to participating!

    Myself and my friend Ryan Singer ( will be attending.