Personas Gallery Welcomes Its 10,000th Art Design

Earlier today, the Personas community welcomed it’s 10,000th art design and 7,000th artist into the Personas gallery.  The project launched six weeks ago with a friendlier look and feel, improved functionality, and an expanded set of categories. Since that time, Personas has been downloaded over 3.5 million times and now has over 1 million active daily users.



Personas enables artists to treat the browser as their canvas. An important goal is to continue to provide artists with the tools they need to create original art, and share their work with a global audience. As part of this effort, we recently added “designer pages”, which gives each Personas artist an easily shareable page that showcases their creations.


The results have been inspiring. Many artists in the Personas community have been able to attract tens of thousands of active, engaged users of their art. Here are just some examples:





What’s Next?

Between now and the 20,000th design, we’ll be actively looking for additional ways to give Personas artists a strong, easy-to-use platform for their work. If you have ideas, please discuss and debate them with the community in our discussion group. Finally, if you have an inner-artist, join thousands of others in the Personas community by creating your own Persona art work and sharing it our gallery for millions of people around the globe to enjoy.

– Suneel Gupta and Toby Elliott, on behalf of the Personas development team

3 responses

  1. Joyce Ann Stinnett wrote on :

    I have wanted to look at more things on Firefox
    but never took the time to. Today I really needed a change in scenery of any kind. I think I’m going to love the Gallery. Its great especially when you have had a struggling day like mine. A GREAT DAY FOR US ALL.

    Joyce Ann

  2. James wrote on :

    Ralph, they are actually pretty easy.
    You download personas.
    Make a HEADER and FOOTER image that are either .png or .jpeg.
    (Header size must be 3000 px wide x 200 px height and Footer size must be 3000 px wide x 100 px height)

    Then you upload them, give your persona a name and wait till it’s approved.

    If that doesn’t work, contact me. –

    – Persona’s user and maker –

  3. ralph wrote on :

    the easy steps to create your persna are not that easy becouse i try to loiad teh images many times and it goes back to the e=same screen but there no explanation of what i an doing wrong.
    if the size is to big, or the wrong format, no idea why, the process from step number one to number two has to be cancel becouse i didnt know what to do. where is exactly what i did wrong to do it again the correct way
    thanks for your colaboration.
    Ralph mu E mail again