Bespin Community Update: Jetpacks, Pie, Command Lines, and a Wave

And we’re back! There has been no rest for the wicked recently as we juggle big new changes, meeting great developers when presentation at great events, and companion launches.

We have been really excited to work with the Jetpack team to offer good support for extending the browser on the fly from within Bespin itself. As you can see from the video below there is support on itself to edit and install Jetpack features, and the Jetpack team added Bespin from within the add-on itself to give you a quick way to fly around!

This is the tip of the iceberg of course, and we can’t wait to add more features to both Jetpack and Bespin to make extending the browser a fun and pleasurable experience!

It’s always a good time for Pie!

There is major refactoring going on right now. We have been unifying what has been called the “Dashboard” and the “Editor” into one thing. Ben wrote about the Pie Menu that defines this work, but behind the hood there is a lot more. Julian and Danzat have been busy helping Ben crank on a new version of Thunderhead that groks CSS for both layout and style. It is really fun to see them implement CSS3 features and have them work. Check out the border code some time!

The details of the Pie will be changing a lot, but the unification will stay.

The command line is the bottom of the pie, and now gets more room to play with (includes history, and the chance to visually help people with their commands). Joe has a nice post talking some of the command line thinking.

Malte has continued to push on some great architecture work. We made Bespin event driven from the beginning, and he has done great work making the events cross interesting boundaries. He has written up some of this work in:

Being able to have events across Web Workers and get all the way over to a Server Side JavaScript server is fun stuff!

Surfing the Wave

Bespin has social collaboration as a core part of its vision. After seeing the early stage Google Wave and meeting the team, we are thinking about if and how there is a way we can work together. We are at an early point, but hope to give something a nice try!

You can naturally where the Wave concept fits in with our social mock:

There have also been other fun third party news. Thanks for supporting us everyone!

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