Design Challenge: Summer 09 – Vote for the “People’s Choice” Award

Mozilla Labs Design Challenge

The submission deadline to the Summer 09 Design Challenge is now closed and 120 concepts were presented. Our nine panelists are busy going through all the excellent entries and voting on the four “Best in Class” honors they are going to bestow on July 8th.

Now it’s time for you to vote on your favorite concept – and help us decide which concept will take the “People’s Choice” award.

Voting is simple – go to our showcase site and select the concept you like most. Everyone has one vote only, so please make sure you choose well. Click on the concept you want to win, and then confirm your vote by clicking on the confirmation link we will send you via email.

Voting ends on Sunday, July 5th.

Vote now!

8 responses

  1. Pascal Finette wrote on :

    Hi James,

    As mentioned in our direct email exchange – all sorted, your entry is in the Design Challenge. 🙂 Again my apologies for the problems.

    Warm regards

  2. James Hatfield wrote on :

    Best regards,

    I submitted an entry at 10:51PM PST on june 21st and provided the required links to a Flikr gallery and a Youtube video. Is there a specific reason my entry is not included in the list of participants? I felt it was a strong concept. Please email me.

    Presentation on YouTube tagged: “mozconcept”

    Mockups on Flickr as a collection tagged: “mozconcept”

    Not trying to grief anyone, just surprised that my entry was not accepted.


  3. Pascal Finette wrote on :

    Hi David,

    this is certainly a good idea – it just feels a bit over-engineered. To give you an idea – currently the votes are pretty evenly spread across the page (from top to bottom).

    Warm regards,

  4. David Mulder wrote on :


    If that’s the case, then why not sort randomly using the ip of the user as a key (and saving the ip as a cookie, in case the user gets a different ip). That way entries with a low alphabetic letter won’t have an advantage. Or select a number of random entries and display them at the top (5 or something like that), allowing a user to explore entries unbaised.


  5. Pascal Finette wrote on :

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    The reason why we opted not to sort the results randomly is the simple fact that you make it really hard for someone to come back and find a specific entry – e.g. when you watch the first 20 entries and then want to watch some more after that.

    The reason why we don’t sort by vote count is to avoid bias – there are numerous studies which show that when you present preliminary results to a voters, they will automatically go for the top scorers.

    Which is the reason why we opted to sort the entries by a somewhat arbitrary order – alphabetically by name. 🙂


  6. David Mulder wrote on :

    Design error in the showcase, I would like to kindly suggest that the showcase should be ordered by random order or votes.

  7. Chris wrote on :

    Good work guys!

  8. Funtomas wrote on :

    Great, however very little info displayed at the list so the initial weed-out is quite cumbersome.