Snowl 0.3pre2

Snowl 0.3pre2, the second preview release of the next version of Snowl (the messaging-in-the-browser experiment), is now available. This version includes a number of bug fixes and spruces up the river view with two improvements.

First, the view once again groups messages into time periods, although it uses a different approach. Version 0.2 grouped messages into four time periods: Today, Yesterday, Last Seven Days, and Last Four Weeks. That made it hard to browse older messages, and in the case of the latter two periods, it didn’t map well to the weekly and monthly groupings by which people typically structure their time.

This version groups messages by day (with plans to support grouping by week and month in the future) and lets you traverse them using buttons on the toolbar:

New Time Periods

Second, you can once again view all your subscriptions at once. To do so, select the Subscriptions item from the list of collections:

View All Subscriptions

Try out Snowl 0.3pre2 and let us know what you think! But don’t forget that this is a preview release of a labs experiment, not a stable release of a finished product, and there are bound to be bugs and other issues.

Post your thoughts on Snowl to the discussion group, and file bug reports on the problems you encounter. Or join us for discussion in the #labs IRC channel on And if you’re interesting in hacking on Snowl, check out the source code.

– Myk Melez on behalf of the Snowl team

3 responses

  1. Wahooney wrote on :

    Hmmm… It seems like the date picker only allows you to go to the previous day, clicking on Next Day just refreshes the page.

  2. Wahooney wrote on :

    Great updates! Thanks Myk 😀