Weave 0.4.0 Released

Weave Sync is a prototype that encrypts and securely synchronizes the Firefox experience across multiple browsers, so that your desktop, laptop and mobile phone can all work together. It is part of the Weave project, which aims to integrate services more closely with the browser.

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Major Features

What is Weave Sync all about? In short, Weave Sync lets you securely take your Firefox experience with you to all your Firefox browsers — including our mobile browser, codenamed Fennec. It currently supports continuous synchronization of your bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs. For example:

  • Get the same results on the Smart Location Bar on each of your Firefox browsers, so you can get to your favorite sites with just a few keystrokes
  • Continue what you were doing: have the ability to open any tab you have open on any of your Firefox browsers
  • Keep the same list of bookmarks on all of your Firefox browsers
  • Easily sign in to all your favorite sites using your saved passwords (this is especially handy on mobile phones, where it’s hard to type in complex passwords)
  • Do it all securely: Weave Sync encrypts user data before uploading it to Mozilla’s servers, so that only you can access your data

Weave Cloud

What’s new in 0.4.0?

If you have not looked at Weave recently, now is a great time to jump in and try it out! This release includes a major rewrite of many of Weave’s key components since the last major release in June. A few of the major changes are:

  • Preference syncing (including Personas)
  • Identity support (automatic login, including use of OpenID logins)
  • Better support for addons using Weave
  • Support for Fennec 1.0 beta 2 on Maemo Linux
  • Significant improvements in performance during startup and opening new windows.

Getting Involved with Testing and Development

— Mike Connor, on behalf of the Weave development team

20 responses

  1. Nick wrote on :

    I agree with those saying it slows the browser down.

    V0.3 was great, but 0.4 is un-usable, so it had to be disabled.

  2. Ragavan wrote on :

    For those of you looking to set up your own Weave server, have a look at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Labs/Weave/0.3/Setup/Server. Even though it says 0.3, it should work with the 0.4 client.

  3. teruhito bansho wrote on :


  4. Blair Mitchelmore wrote on :

    I was loving Weave 0.4.0 until it bogged down my Firefox atrociously. I can’t even use my browser with Weave enabled, but when I disable it everything returns to normal. Please please please fix this, I loved weave, but I can’t use it if it makes the rest of my browser unusable.

  5. martin wrote on :

    anybody knows where i can get the 0.4 server?

  6. Terry Ward wrote on :

    Will there be a collaborative version of Weave?

    I have clients who work together on projects yet are employed by different entities. Can they combine, for example, their bookmarks? Just by sharing their password?

    As an aside to the main question, this is a marvellous addition to Firefox’s functionality.

    Thank you.

  7. pjoargha wrote on :

    I had to disable it: it often (but not always) makes the browser quite unresponsive (Fx 3.5). The highlighting could barely follow the pointer as I moved the mouse over menus, and the UI became “choppy”. 🙁 Beside Weave I have AdblockPlus (with Element Hider), Zotero, FoxyProxy and Mouse Gestures Redox.

  8. dorian jaminais wrote on :

    I love the concept of weave, however will it be possible to setup our own weave serveur, not for end user of course but at least for advanced one ?

  9. Michael wrote on :

    Is it possible to specify my own server for weave to use for syncing?

    Some people may be OK with their password and bookmark data being out “in the cloud” but I like to keep tabs on exactly where mine is and how it’s used. Your privacy policies are great but I’d rather have it on a server that’s not a target for hackers.

  10. angelalita.com wrote on :

    So this is basically foxmark/xmarks with steroids?

  11. Hans Jørgen Eliassen wrote on :

    If you ought to add a functionality where you store/sync the data in MobileME for Mac users, I would expect a lot of users for firefox ont this plattform.

    Safari has a feature of syncing through Mobile ME service, and if you guys (which has the best browser experience) ought to same it would be a killer app.

  12. Steve Gibson wrote on :

    Has anyone who is using this tried the XMarks addon (used to be called FoxMarks).
    I am just wondering what the functionality difference is.

  13. Ragavan wrote on :

    @Ibrahim – That does sound like a bug, please file one.

    As for Addon collector, Weave doesn’t interact with it right now, but it’s something we definitely want to get to in the future.

    Thanks for using Weave.

  14. Antonio Max wrote on :

    I REALLY would like to have the ability sync with my own server.
    Cant say that is not nice to use someone’s powerful server specs if I’m a newbie or something like it, but when talking about my stuff, I would like to have the option to sync with my own ftp.
    Let the two options available please, just like xmarks.

  15. Antonio Salvato wrote on :

    Does the preference sync include search providers?

  16. Sven Arduwie wrote on :

    Will it in the future be possible to change the OpenID provider Weave uses? Many of us already have one and use it on a growing number of websites. It’d be a pain to associate all of them with the new OpenID.

    Also, being a bit of a ‘control freak’, I like to have as much control as possible over certain information (that is, what information I disclose, which websites are allowed access to that information and which not, etc.), and my current OpenID provider allows such management.

    As for the rest, Weave 0.4 is a definite improvement. Keep up the great work!

    PS: is it possible to change the e-mail address with which I have signed up for Weave?

  17. Ken wrote on :

    Weave’s OpenID implementation fails Janrain’s OpenID test.


  18. Frank J. wrote on :

    Is there a way to auto-login to unencrypted sites? This would be nice! Maybe as an option?
    Thank you

  19. Ibrahim wrote on :

    Awesome! I recently installed Weave again after a while of not using it, and I noticed one bug, but maybe it has to do with an extension. My live bookmarks don’t have any names, they all say (no title) which is really a pain. This could possibly be because of the extension LiveClick, but I’m not sure, and I would rather give up Weave than LiveClick. I will probably file a bug report or something if I figure out more, but anyway, thanks for the release, I’m sure eventually everyone will want to use Weave.

    Incidentally, how is Weave supposed to interact with the new Addon Collector? Will Weave eventually include functionality for synchronizing extensions as well, and extension settings? That’s really the main other thing that I want out of Weave. Thanks!

  20. Anonymous wrote on :

    Does preference syncing include toolbar layout?

    Does Weave support turning *off* the identity support?