Design Challenge: Summer 09 – “Best in Class” honors and “People’s Choice” award

Mozilla Labs Design Challenge

Two months ago we launched our second Mozilla Labs Design Challenge – this time in cooperation with IxDA and Johnny Holland. Together we invited UX-interested people from all around the world to design their solution to the question: “Reinventing Tabs in the Browser – How can we create, navigate and manage multiple web sites within the same browser instance?“.

The participants submitted a mockup and video, explaining the concept and the proposed solution. Nearly 130 concepts were submitted and our nine expert strong panel selected the following four “Best in Class” entries:

Best in Class: Innovation

For the solution that has the newest / most original interaction models.

  • TabViz by Liz Blankenship, Jakob Hilden & Kerry Kao

Best in Class: Execution

For the solution that has the most expressive prototype, a combination of polish as well as functional availability.

Best in Class: Interaction

For the solution that feels provides the best human-computer interaction model.

  • Wave Concept by Darby Thomas, Danielle Kanastab & Alex Mattice

Best in Class: Producible

For the solution that would be the easiest to ship to users immediately.

People’s Choice Award

For the first time we invited the wider community to vote on their personal favorite – the “People’s Choice” award for the Design Challenge: Summer 09 goes to


On behalf of all of us a very big thank you to everyone who entered this Design Challenge. The standard of entries was incredibly high – well done to everyone who took part! Head over to our Design Challenge landing page for more information on the selected concepts, a complete list of all submitted concepts, information on the panel and much more.

What’s next?

We are currently working with universities around the world to create a series of Design Challenges, Design Jams and Design Sprints. If your school is interested in joining us – please contact us at We also work with an international group of engineering students to turn some of the ideas from this Design Challenge into functional prototypes. Stay tuned…

9 responses

  1. Pascal Finette wrote on :


    Yes, we want to experiment with some of those ideas and turn them into experimental add-ons. 🙂


  2. Jordan wrote on :

    I really liked the wave concept. Are there plans on implementing these as test add-ons (much like the TabViz people did themselves)

  3. Jorge wrote on :

    Collapsible Tab Groups is just a slightly improved version of the Tree Style Tab extension. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not very original.

    Very few of the other winners are showing something really worth watching or considering.

  4. Frank J. wrote on :

    Is the page offline? Or is it just me?

  5. FataL wrote on :

    Collapsible Tab Groups rules definitely (but there is no innovation, just pretty good implementation)!
    Favitabs also pretty good.

    I don’t see any innovations in TabVis — just some designer’s strange *concept*, that will not be suitable for 50+ tabs.

    CubeZilla is just weird. What do they smoked? Who will use it? 😉

  6. Dave Cone wrote on :

    Seriously? Some of the winners are bottom of the submission barrel. I’m sort of surprised about who won. Two of these are almost completely unusable from a day to day point of view. One of them is fab.

  7. Max wrote on :

    I thought that Efficient Browsing by John Mellor was by far the most usable concept, it is basically a better “Collapsible Tab Groups”.

    Also, CubeZilla? Really?

  8. João Menezes wrote on :

    Congratulations to the winners! Let’s work together now to create new contests and challenges!

    A huge thank you to Mozilla (especially Pascal) for you partnership.

    University of Joinville – Brazil

  9. Dan wrote on :

    I am looking forward to more design challenges if the results are this good!

    TabViz and Collapsible Tab Groups are excellent.