Weave 0.6 Released

Weave Sync is a prototype that encrypts and securely synchronizes the Firefox experience across multiple browsers, so that your desktop, laptop and mobile phone can all work together. It is part of the Weave project, which aims to integrate services more closely with the browser.

Major Features

What is Weave Sync all about? In short, Weave Sync lets you securely take your Firefox experience with you to all your Firefox browsers — including our mobile browser, codenamed Fennec. It currently supports continuous synchronization of your bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and tabs, as well as form-field history and preferences. For example:

  • Get the same results on the Smart Location Bar on each of your Firefox browsers, so you can get to your favorite sites with just a few keystrokes
  • Continue what you were doing: have the ability to open any tab you have open on any of your Firefox browsers
  • Keep the same list of bookmarks on all of your Firefox browsers
  • If you use Personas, your currently selected Persona can be synchronized across your Firefox browsers
  • Easily sign in to all your favorite sites using your saved passwords (this is especially handy on mobile phones, where it’s hard to type in complex passwords)
  • Do it all securely: Weave Sync encrypts user data before uploading it to Mozilla’s servers, so that only you can access your data

What’s new in 0.6?

If you have not looked at Weave recently, now is a great time to jump in and try it out! In this release we did a major overhaul of the user experience, as well as major improvements in terms of reliability and performance. A few of the major changes are:

  • Brand-new UI, allowing for most set-up, configuration, and status to be done from a single streamlined interface
  • Major performance improvements during upload and download
  • Better error handling and reporting

Getting Involved with Testing and Development

— Dan Mills, on behalf of the Weave development team

7 responses

  1. Jens wrote on :

    When will there be some Thunderbird support? I’d really like to synchronize newsrc files …

  2. Jack K. wrote on :

    Is the configuration interface a bad joke? It is non-intuitive, offers almost no configuration options (are we all noobs?) and is only there because some people thought something new and fancy is needed.

    Please, please, take us users serious! Offer maybe two interfaces, one for normal and one for advanced users. And drop the failed attempt to introduce some shiny new UI that doesn’t fulfill its purpose at all!

  3. Labs Wordpress wrote on :


  4. bruno wrote on :

    Agree with g: it would be nice if Weave synchronized themes, extensions, add-ons and plugins well. But keep rocking ‘cos we’ll get there.

  5. webtech wrote on :

    I like this release, cause of continuous synchronization of your bookmarks. Well done

  6. midtoad wrote on :

    One disadvantage to using Weave over, say, XMarks, for bookmark synchronization is that Weave only works across Firefox browsers, whereas XMarks also will sync to Safari and IE. A two-pronged approach may still be needed if you use these other browsers.

    I love the idea suggested above of being able to sync addons! Every time I set up a new computer it’s a pain to download and install all of my fave addons. If I could use Weave and just clone one of my Firefox instances I would be delighted.

  7. g wrote on :

    interesting new UI…. its quite a jump from the old UI of 0.1-0.5, but it feels pretty nice.

    Personally, I like it, but I’m still waiting for the COMPLETE synchronization feature which was planned for sometime (since the beginning). We still need to be able to sync addons, themes and sessions!