Announcing Jetpack 0.6

We are happy to announce the release of Jetpack 0.6. Jetpack is a Mozilla Labs project which makes it possible for anyone who knows standard web skills (HTML, Javascript, CSS) to make Firefox add-ons.

Jetpack 0.6 adds two major APIs to the arsenal: a secure preferences system and the ability to add and modify menus. With these new APIs — and the numerous bug fixes since the last release — we hope to see even more innovative Jetpacks in addition to the hundreds already written.

Read more about Jetpack 0.6 here.

9 responses

  1. Vanco wrote on :

    Thank you, guys, for making this. I already started making plans where to implement all this.

  2. paulgreg wrote on :

    Yeah. Jetpack is amazing and so simple !
    It make extension development really easy.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Michael Thaler wrote on :

    Beautiful! Congrats to the team–this is a wonderful way to simplify addon development and drive innovation.

  4. another_sam wrote on :

    This video just put a smile on my face from second 28 to the end. I love the concept and how you are realizing it!

  5. benoit rigaut wrote on :

    bye bye bookmarklets, we won’t miss you!

  6. Jimmy wrote on :

    I wanted to see if this was only happening to me. When I edit an image, I edited it, and then save, and went to file>exit and the modal popup doesn’t exit. It just goes to a website. and then i can’t exit it at all.

  7. barry eagan wrote on :

    OH MY GOD! I love firefox addons as much as I love hemorrhaging blood!

  8. Tristan wrote on :

    The simplicity of this is just gorgeous!

    Congrats to the JetPack team…

  9. Omer van Kloeten wrote on :

    Great product and so easy to use, but after installing an add-on I created from a website I uploaded it to, Firefox started randomly crashing on me, even after I uninstalled it.

    Email me for if you want to collect specific information about this crash…