Test Pilot 0.3 and a new study!

We just released the latest version of Test Pilot, and a new study is coming soon!

One of the problems with the Test Pilot extension so far has been that we’ve needed to release a new version of the extension every time we wanted to add a new experiment or survey, or even in order to fix a minor bug. And every time we released a new version, users had to download it, then restart Firefox; an annoyance that we’d rather not force on people. This new release of the Test Pilot extension, version 0.3, has been rewritten from the ground up to avoid this problem.

Download the latest Test Pilot extension!

Many pilots have asked what is the next study, and here it comes: A Week in the Life of a Browser!

For this study, which we will be launching at the beginning of December, we would like to explore what a browser does to facilitate its user using the Web through a year. We will periodically collect your usage information about the browser for a week and run the same study again every 60 days. The main goal is to explore if the browser has been used differently over time, which may help us design a better product that works adaptively.

For more detail about this release, please read the original blog post!

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  1. Dan wrote on :

    Why can’t the Addon manager find an update for my 0.2.0 Test Pilot extension?