Jetpack 0.8 and the Road Ahead

Hello Jetpack Developers!

We are nearing the release of Jetpack 0.8, which will feature both the Toolbar and Places APIs. Jetpack 0.8 is a particularly important release because it marks the last release based on the experimental prototype we started with last year. As we wrote about last week, we have concurrently been working on a new production-quality iteration of Jetpack, with a revamped architecture that takes inspiration from all of the feedback about the prototype.

In the coming week we will be publishing more information about the new architecture, but currently, we need your feedback on our draft roadmap: We are looking at roughly a four month time-frame for completion of this feature roadmap. During this four month span, there are three major releases scheduled. Each will add targeted, essential features and APIs to the rebooted platform. The first of these three releases will be live about 6 weeks from today.

As we near this transition, expect an increase in communication from the team. It’s an exciting time for Jetpack!

– Daniel Buchner, on behalf of the Jetpack team.

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  1. johnjbarton wrote on :

    hi…where do you want feedback? here?