Vote for your favorite Concepts in the Home Tab Design Challenge

In early December we invited the wider community to design a major new feature of Firefox 4 together with us – The Home Tab Design Challenge. Many conversations and iterations later, 47 of you submitted a video, showing and explaining your ideas & concepts.

Now it is time for you to vote for the People’s Choice Award! [more…]

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  1. Peter Lairo wrote on :

    I prefer a simple home tab that allows quick access to the most frequently and recently (“frecent”) opened web pages, by showing them as thumbnails. The user should also be able to “pin” a thumbnail to the home tab to keep it there regardless if the frecency decreases. (Safari for the Mac does this very well!)

    A much lower priority would be showing things like history, tabs, and social data (e-mail, face-crook, etc.).

    Most of the video proposals I have seen try to cram too much stuff into the home tab.