Community-maintained version of Ubiquity for Firefox 3.6

Longtime Ubiquity contributor and community member Satyr has continued working on the Ubiquity codeline. He’s posted a build of the extension based on the latest source from his personal code repository.

Satyr’s build is based on the 0.5 codeline and it should be able to work with Firefox 3.6, so you may want to try it out if you have been frustrated by the incompatibility between Ubiquity 0.5.x and Firefox 3.6.

Satyr provides the caveat:

“latest source” means it is pre-beta and most likely has issues, which won’t be fixed unless users report them in detail.

Still, if you are using Firefox 3.6 and you want features that are not available in Ubiquity, you may want to try out Satyr’s build.

Problems and workarounds with this version are being discussed on GetSatisfaction.

Thank you Satyr!

2 responses

  1. Joe wrote on :

    Would really Like to see Ubiquity be integrated in a future version of firefox,. It is so so so so useful.

  2. Abdul Muneer wrote on :

    Thank you..
    Now I can settle with Firefox 4 betas. Otherwise I wouldn't have installed firefox.