Account Manager Graduates From Labs

Earlier today we announced that the Account Manager feature we’ve been working on is graduating from Labs into the Firefox team.

The current Account Manager team will continue to help with the specification and implementation, and we’re now adding a new member to the team: Gavin Sharp, rock star Firefox hacker will be joining us to get Account Manager up to the (very high!) Firefox standards. Welcome Gavin!

We’re incredibly excited that one of our recent projects is now firmly on the path to being on a Firefox release, and look forward to working with the Firefox team and the wider Web community to make the Web better for everyone.

Check out the announcement, and the new Account Manager feature page. And of course, we’re still looking for feedback on Account Manager, let us know what you think on our forums.

— Dan Mills, on behalf of the Account Manager team

2 responses

  1. Daniel Thomas wrote on :

    this will be great I hate having to enter sign in information on several social networking sites

  2. hvtuananh wrote on :

    Great 🙂