Test Pilot 1.0 is coming soon!

Since we released the last version (v0.4) of Test Pilot last December, we have launched 3 studies on top of it. More and more participants joined the program, and the data submission has grown from 5000 per study to 9000 per study. In order to make Test Pilot a robust platform that is ready for massive participation, we have intensively worked on improving the quality of the Test Pilot extension in the past one and a half months. Today, we are proud to announce the first milestone release of the production quality Test Pilot: v1.0 alpha.

What’s New

This Test Pilot 1.0a version includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to the user interface. In particular, it’s now easier to manage the studies you have participated in as well to access the knowledge we have learned from all Test Pilot studies. Also, this version allows you to save your test data graphics as image files, so you can always review how your study looked like at the time or simply share them with friends. (More…)

2 responses

  1. The_Blinded wrote on :

    The new interface is more beautiful and intuitive, great work!

  2. Dan wrote on :

    I think all notifications should be enabled by default. I had to enable the new study and new results notifications manually.

    Also, do the notifications go away when you click on the screen? Because I saw one briefly pop-up but I was interacting with the page I was on and it disappeared straight away. Maybe use the notification bar?