It’s Time to Get Your Lab Kit

Mozilla Labs is pleased to announce an easy way for you to keep up to date with our latest experiments. With Lab Kit, Firefox will securely install add-ons that have been reviewed and approved by the Mozilla Labs team. We will make sure the contents of your Lab Kit stays fresh by automatically updating, adding or removing experiments.

There is no complicated lab manual to get started. Just install Lab Kit on a Firefox 4 Beta. And that’s it; you don’t even need to restart Firefox.

The initial experiments in the Lab Kit are Test Pilot, Prospector – Speak Words, and Contacts. Respectively, these add-ons provide structured feedback about Firefox, improve searching from the Awesome Bar, and allow Firefox to better understand your online contacts.

If there are any major updates to the contents of Lab Kit, you will receive a notification in Firefox that you can click to learn about the new contents with a list of what has changed as well as everything that is currently included in the Lab Kit.

3 responses

  1. Falcon wrote on :

    Any idea what OAuthorizer does?

  2. poke wrote on :

    “you don’t even need to restart Firefox” – except for two of the three contained experiments… 😛 (oh, and the OAuth thing)

  3. Irakil wrote on :

    Image is overlaying install lab kit link.