Mozilla reacts to publication of the EU Democracy Action Plan

The European Commission has just published its new EU Democracy Action Plan (EDAP). This is an important step forward in the efforts to better protect democracy in the digital age, and we’re happy to see the Commission take onboard many of our recommendations.

Reacting to the EDAP publication, Raegan MacDonald, Mozilla’s Head of Public Policy, said:

“Mozilla has been a leading advocate for the need for greater transparency in online political advertising. We haven’t seen adequate steps from the platforms to address these problems themselves, and it’s time for regulatory solutions. So we welcome the Commission’s signal of support for the need for broad disclosure of sponsored political content. We likewise welcome the EDAP’s acknowledgement of the risks associated with microtargeting of political content.

As a founding signatory to the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation we are encouraged that the Commission has adopted many of our recommendations for how the Code can be enhanced, particularly with respect to its implementation and its role within a more general EU policy approach to platform responsibility.

We look forward to working with the EU institutions to fine-tune the upcoming legislative proposals.”