Mozilla reacts to the European Commission’s guidance on the revision of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation

Today the European Commission published its guidance for the upcoming revision of the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. Mozilla was a founding signatory of the Code of Practice in 2018, and we’re happy to see plans materialise for its evolution.

Reacting to the guidance, Raegan MacDonald, Director of Global Policy, Mozilla Corporation said:

“We welcome the Commission’s guidance for the next iteration of the Code of Practice. We’re happy that the revised Code will provide a greater role for organisations with technical and research expertise, and we look forward to harnessing that opportunity to support the various stakeholders.

This guidance outlines a clear vision for how the fight against disinformation can sit within a future-focused and thoughtful policy framework for platform accountability. While we still need to ensure the DSA provides the fundamentals, we see the revised Code as playing an important role in giving practical meaning to transparency and accountability.”