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Experts develop cybersecurity recommendations

Today, we’re excited to publish the output of our “Cybersecurity Delphi 1.0” research process, tapping into a panel of 32 cybersecurity experts from diverse and mutually reinforcing backgrounds. Mozilla Cybersecurity … Read more

Mozilla View on Zero-Rating

Our support of net neutrality is grounded in our belief that we all must fight to maintain an open, global, and growing Internet. Because of the scale and potential of … Read more

Mozilla statement on USA FREEDOM Act

Today, a new version of the USA FREEDOM Act is being introduced in both the House and Senate, with bipartisan support. We’re sharing the following statement: “At Mozilla, we believe … Read more

Stop mass surveillance under the PATRIOT Act

The U.S. Congress will soon decide whether to reauthorize one of the government’s most notorious mass surveillance programs. On June 1st, three sections of the PATRIOT Act are set to … Read more

A Look Back at Privacy Day 2015

This post is co-authored by Stacy Martin & Greg Jost Privacy Day is always an amazing opportunity to showcase Mozilla’s deep privacy roots. Each year, we try to do something … Read more