Workplace Resources: 2012 Year in Review

January 23rd, 2013 | Category: Miscellaneous Tidbits,Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

Plan it.  Execute it.  Manage it.   WPR continued our Mozilla Spaces quest in 2012.   We opened new doors, signed new office space leases, organized events, and implemented new programs in our efforts to always stay one step ahead of our worldwide activities.

Paris 2

We began our Mozilla Spaces strategy in Jan, 2011 at a time when our only true “Mozilla Space” was downtown Mountain View, California which seemed inconsistent with our worldwide community, user base, and overall growth strategy.¬† In late 2010 and early 2011, we weren’t effectively promoting worldwide community collaboration, productivity, and events.¬† We knew we could do better.¬† We started.


We brought in a world class team of experts and opened San Francisco and Toronto in the summer of 2011 and upgraded New Zealand (Auckland) in Q3 2011.

By early 2012, we were hitting our stride and opened our doors in 4 new spaces including London and Taiwan in Q1, Vancouver and SF 3rd Floor in Q2, and added temporary workspaces for Portland, Paris, and Berlin as we continued to plan those futures.  Speaking of planning, each new space is planned with extensive analysis using key requirements for current and future talent, community strength, leadership, projected growth needs, and of course overall financial guidelines.

As we closed out 2012, we were operating 8 true Mozilla spaces on 4 different continents.  Looking forward into 2013, we are excitedly planning for grand openings in

  • Paris (March/April)
  • SF Floors 1 and 2 in May/June (ex-Gordon Biersch space)
  • Portland (summer)
  • Berlin (fall)
  • Expanding our Taipei, Taiwan for a 3rd time with it’s focus on FFOS growth.



Moving and shaking in the Bay Area in 2012 and 2013

What started as a modest 7th floor San Francisco Moz Space (+ a cool deck) quickly transitioned to the need for more space.  We added the 3rd Floor in 2012 and signed a coveted and competitive bidding for Floors 1 and 2 (the ex-Gordon Biersch restaurant space).

This is probably the best view in the city.

Meanwhile, in Mountain View, we decided to consolidate our 4th floor back to floors 2 and 3 as we contemplated the final year of our current 5 yr lease.    The ensuing moving and shaking was a bit disruptive but in true California style we shook it off, stayed strong, and carried on.

We are currently actively planning version 2.0 of Mountain View with a launch date of Q1 2014.¬† We’ll be very excited to share these plans with everyone very shortly.

Organizing Mozilla Events: 

In 2012, your beloved WPR dept. coordinated hundreds of events including…


  • Halloween Cantinas
  • Fourth of July FireworksIMG_4574
  • Over 50 Workweeks
  • Turkey Feasts
  • Cocktail hours
  • PR Soirees
  • Holiday Buffets
  • Birthday parties
  • Meetups
  • Networking events
  • Hackathons
  • and more!

And We Implemented New Support Programs

  • Service Now allows you to easily submit WPR requests.
  • Car Services are available to travelers in London and Vancouver.
  • Centerstone software allows us to efficiently manage moves, spaces and seating plans.Cristina
  • San Francisco’s pilot bike program allows Mozillians to cruise the Embarcadero in style.
  • Security Guidelines and procedures give us a safer workplace.
  • Travel tips and tools give us easier travel along our way.

Thanks to everyone for your input, support and patience as we learned and grew together in 2012. We look forward to working with you and continuing to build strong Mozilla Spaces Foundations in the 2013!


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San Francisco Expands Again

January 18th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

SF1 The San Francisco office continues to grow as we take over the bottom two floors of the historic Hill Bros. Coffee building on the iconic Embarcadero. The San Francisco office has doubled its capacity since opening its doors just a year and a half ago, and now surpasses Mountain View in headcount!

What once housed the well-loved Gordon Biersch Brewery will now be home to a splendid Mozillian community space and “innovation areas” for our more collaborative teams. The newest San Francisco floors will also make use of a large patio overlooking the Embarcadero with enviable views of the Bay Bridge.SF2

Stay tuned in 2013 as Mozilla SFO becomes a favorite Mozillian destination!SF3

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San Francisco’s Third Floor Renovation

June 04th, 2012 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

Kevin Costner was right.

If you build it they will come.

And come they did. San Francisco has quickly become our fastest growing office. With over 100 employees and a wait list of many more- the third floor renovation could not come at a better time!

Outfitted in much the same style as the trendy 7th floor, the third will boast many similar amenities: snacks, kitchen and meeting rooms. While the 7th floor is best loved for its view of the Bay Bridge- the third floor is ready to take on a unique character of its own as people move in starting on June 8.

At 75% capacity on the third floor and 100% capacity on the 7th floor, Mozillians may wonder where we’ll take you next?




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Mozilla Bike Program launches in San Francisco

June 04th, 2012 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

Mozilla’s bike program was launched in San Francisco in May on the streets of the Embarcadero. These bright orange bikes with Firefox¬† panniers and branded helmets encourage San Fran employees to enjoy their beautiful city in style and health.

WPR was happy to help launch this program that we hope which we hope to grow to other Mozilla destinations in coming years.

What is your favorite lunch time destination in San Francisco?

WPR’s own Cristina Akimoff¬† showing off her Mozilla pride.

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Mozilla SF, a San Francisco Treat

February 02nd, 2012 | Category: Mozilla Spaces

Welcome to San Francisco, home of the Golden Gate bridge, Ghirardelli chocolate, Rice-a-Roni, and of course, Mozilla San Francisco!  Did you know that our building is actually considered a San Francisco historical landmark? Built in 1926, the Hills Bros. Coffee company constructed our building in the heart of SOMA next to the Bay Bridge. It was originally outfitted with a specially engineered tower that used gravity to blend coffee beans. We love coffee as well, and have just ordered a brand new Toronto-esque espresso machine of which the Hills Bros. themselves would be proud!

San Francisco is a bike-friendly city and as such, Mozilla SF is launching a bike program next quarter. Soon Mozillians and fans alike can ride around the city and enjoying historic landmarks and amazing views.

Due to its popularity, the number of Mozilla employees in the San Francisco office has doubled since we opened our doors in August. We wish everybody could work out of our space, but right now we are completely out of desks. We are happy to report, though, that we signed a lease on the 3’d floor of the building and will be expanding our capacity with up to 50 new work stations by this summer.

We are excited to be growing and thriving in this great City by the Bay. Although Rice-a-Roni claimed it, I think we are the real San Francisco treat!

-Cristina Akimoff, WPR Office Services Coordinator, San Francisco

And trust us, it isn’t just WPR that thinks the new San Francisco is a pretty special place:

I’ve been living and working in San Francisco for many years and the Mozilla SF office is the most gorgeous office I’ve ever seen. The view is amazing and the people who work here are so talented and genuine. The New Year’s Eve fireworks were breathtaking!

— Jet Villegas, Sr. Engineering Manager

Everyday we get a front row seat to these two monumental features — the Bay and its Bridge — both of which inspire big thinking and considerable humility.

–Jason Haas, Student Community Manager



News and Events February 2012

February 01st, 2012 | Category: News and Events,Tips

Introducing Secure Printing

Do you need to print confidential documents? Our new Ricoh Multi-Functional Devices (printers) now have a secure printing option that allows you to send your private files to a machine and print with a password on demand.  Secure printing instructions are located on the wiki. Talk to your local WPR friend for help.

*Currently available in Mountain View and San Francisco, but coming soon to an office near you!


The Toronto office is hosting the Thunderlympics! (Thunderbird Work Week) from February 6-10.

They are also hosting a Gaming Work Week focusing on improving HTML5 for in-browser gaming on February 13-17.

They will be closed on Monday February 20 for Family Day.

US Offices

US offices will be closed on Monday February 20 for President’s Day.


The Auckland office will be closed for Waitangi Day on February 6.

Aucklanders have tentatively scheduled a gumboot throwing competition on February 10.


Don’t forget your sweetie on February 14th!

2012 is a leap year! There are 29 days in February this month.

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