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Mozilla releases preview of application framework for development of cross-platform Internet client applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 3, 2006 – Mozilla today released a developer preview of its application framework, code-named XULRunner, that aids in the rapid development and deployment of cross-platform applications.

XULRunner provides a base for software application authors to leverage familiar Internet technologies, the Mozilla XUL user- interface language, and the same networking and rendering engine as Firefox to develop rich-client applications, such as media players, Web authoring tools and IP-based phones, which can run on any operating system.

XULRunner contains features developed in conjunction with IBM which allow the Eclipse development environment, a vendor-neutral open development platform and application framework for building software, to display, develop, and debug Web technologies such as HTML, XML and JavaScript. Future versions of Firefox will also be built on XULRunner.

Projects including Nvu, Songbird, WengoPhone, and ZAP are developing software based on Mozilla technology through this new application framework.

The release announced today is a stable developer preview, based on the same code base as Firefox Additional features such as an installer and an application deployment framework are planned for future releases. XULRunner downloads and additional information about XULRunner are available from the Mozilla Developer Center at

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