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Mozilla to host 24-hour worldwide community event

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Aug. 10, 2007 – Mozilla today announced it is organizing and hosting a 24-hour global Web conference called Mozilla 24.


“Mozilla 24” is a worldwide, 24-hour open discussion that connects community members, academics and Web visionaries from Asia, America and Europe, in person and over the broadband video WIDE network. The event will feature industry leaders who will present on Web trends and technologies that will help shape the future of the Web.

Current speakers include:

  • Dr. Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google Inc.
  • Dr. Lawrence Lessig, professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of its Center for Internet and Society
  • Dr. Jun Murai, professor of Faculty of Environment and Information Studies and Vice President at Keio University
  • Dr. David Humphrey, professor at the School of Computer Studies at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada
  • Mitchell Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Mozilla Corporation
  • Mike Shaver, Director of Ecosystem Development, Mozilla Corporation
  • Tristan Nitot, President of Mozilla Europe
  • Satoko Takita, Chairman of Mozilla Japan

“Mozilla 24” consists of a variety of programs, including presentations, panel discussions, online contests, and music festivals. Many of the presentations, including the panel discussions, will be accessible online to anyone in the world using the distance learning environment and remotely placed virtual machines provided by the WIDE Project’s School on the Internet Working Group (SOI), a research consortium that operates its own IP backbone and the M-Root Server. For example, Keio University and Stanford University will facilitate a distance panel discussion among Dr. Vint Cerf, Dr. Jun Murai and Mitchell Baker, using DVTS high-definition video and advanced data technologies. This panel will mark the inaugural connection between Keio University’s Global Studio and that of Stanford University which was established as a part of DMC Research Institute’s Global Studio initiative. In addition, Mozilla Europe will present in real-time to audiences at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand, and Keio University in Tokyo, Japan.


Mozilla 24 expects to draw individuals who are interested in shaping the future of the Web socially, technically and culturally, including Web developers, researchers, engineers, and end users from around the world.

When & Where:

  • U.S.: 8pm, September 14th – 8pm, September 15th, 2007 (PDT)
    • Stanford University, Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning Wallenberg Hall (Building 160), Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater – 11am – 8pm September 15th (PDT) only.
  • Europe: 5am, September 15th – 5am, September 16th, 2007, (CEST)
    • Location to be announced – 10am – 1pm September 15th (CEST) only.
  • Japan: 12pm, September 15th – 12pm, September 16th, 2007 (JST)
    • Keio University’s DMC Global Studio: Live streaming of Mozilla 24 worldwide activities, in-person presentations and panel discussions.
    • Bellesalle Kudan: Children’s event, live streaming of Mozilla 24 hour worldwide activities and more.
    • SHIBUYA BOXX: Special music event, Firefox ROCK FESTIVAL ’07 – 3:30pm – 22:00pm, September 15th (JST) only.
  • Online: You can also take part in our activities online at:

Register Now:

You can register to attend the U.S. event at