Celebrating the tenth anniversary of International Data Privacy Day

As we gear up to celebrate the tenth anniversary of International Data Privacy Day on January 28, we want to highlight Mozilla’s efforts to create awareness and help protect your personal information.

As champions of a healthy and safer internet, we don’t care about your privacy just one day a year. Every day is data privacy day for us. And we don’t mean this as a gimmick. Mozilla isn’t your average tech company. We are a not-for-profit dedicated to keeping the web open and accessible to all. Privacy and safeguarding your personal data is the core of our mission. And of our products. Firefox Quantum and everything else we do from policy to advocacy or fun social media activities are rooted in that principle.

To learn more about what we do and what you can do to protect your privacy here are some events and tips.

Watch the Data Privacy Day 2018 Live Stream

Today, Mozilla will be participating in the U.S. National Cyber Security Alliance Privacy Aware event, to talk more about how to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. You can watch the event here, where I’ll give an update on my recent TEDx talk about the problem with online privacy and the importance of taking control of our online lives.

Promote strong privacy policy

We continue to work on policies that support privacy around the world: advocating for what India’s first data protection law should look like, helping guide the ePrivacy Regulation in the EU, and working to ensure that the U.S. government collaborates with companies to protect your data from bad actors.

Browse tracking-free with Firefox Quantum’s latest release

Earlier this week, we released the latest version of Firefox Quantum which includes opt-in Tracking Protection. We’ve studied Tracking Protection and found that, in addition to protecting their privacy, users actually have a better, faster experience with the web when pages load without trackers. That is why in November we upped the ante in Firefox Quantum and began offering our users the option to turn on Tracking Protection all the time. 24-7.

Protect your privacy with the Data Detox Kit

Mozilla is a proud partner of Tactical Tech, whose Data Detox will help you remove any toxic data build up. It’s an 8-day cleanse, and with just a small daily time commitment, you finish feeling refreshed and rejuvenated online and IRL. The detox is was an integral part of the Glassroom, an interactive exhibition that highlights people’s relationship with the Internet.

Let’s protect privacy and make peanut brittle!

To help bring the important issues of data security and privacy to a general audience, on Friday, January 26, we’re also celebrating Peanut Brittle Day. Just like you shouldn’t use the same amount of all the ingredients, you shouldn’t use the same password for all your sites. How do you keep track off all your different passwords? Join our team as they talk safety and security online while making Peanut Brittle fo one of a kind live stream.

Happy Data Privacy Day!