Ethical Tech, Feminist AI, and Internet Health: Mozilla at re:publica 2019

From May 6 to May 8, a cohort of Mozilla staff and fellows will travel to re:publica Berlin. We’ll join with other technologists, activists, and researchers from across the globe to discuss the intersection of technology and society — and, how we can make the digital world more humane.

Mozilla has been a long-time participant at re:publica: In years past, we’ve run workshops about internet health, delivered keynotes about digital empires, debated the state of openness online, and more.

This year, Mozilla will:

Provide tips and tricks around online privacy. Cathleen Berger, Mozilla’s Global Governance and Policy Strategy Lead, will join #rbbTalkLab “Cyberwar & Peace” for an on-stage interview and give useful tips and tricks around online privacy and security. Learn more 

Details: Monday, May 6, 13:00 – 13:30, Main Hall

Explore feminist AI. Mozilla Fellow Caroline Sinders is a machine learning expert studying if and how emerging technology can be imbued with feminist concepts and theories. She’ll give a talk about her latest work. Learn more

Details: Monday, May 6, 15:00 – 16:00, Stage 1

Discuss the need for more responsible AI. Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman will give a talk about AI’s growing influence on society, and its ability to discriminate and amplify bias. “Our digital society needs to act swiftly: There needs to be more transparency, and ways to correct mistakes and enforce accountability,” Mark writes. If we succeed, we can build an innovative and just digital society.” Learn more

Details: Monday, May 6, 18:45-19:15, Stage 2

Examine how social media will impact Latin American elections. Mozilla’s Solana Larsen, alongside Fundación Ciudadania Inteligente’s Renata Avila, will examine how platforms like Facebook will influence nine upcoming elections across the continent. Learn more

Details: Tuesday, May 7, 10:30-11:00, Stage 3

Showcase data as a common good. Kelly Davis, Manager Machine Learning Group, discusses possibilities to build a community-owned data infrastructure, using an example of Mozilla’s Open Voice data collection in Rwanda. Learn more

Details: Tuesday, May 7, 12:30-13:30, Stage 4

Show the potential of VR. Mozilla’s Ann Marie Carrothers will lead a workshop on free and easy VR resources that allows users to create and publish VR content, regardless of their skills or budget. Learn more

Details: Tuesday, May 7, 17:30-18:30, Media Cube

Illustrate privacy. Mozilla’s Cathleen Berger will join a workshop that invites participants to draw what privacy means to them while talking through practical advice on how to increase your level of privacy and security. Learn more

Details: Wednesday, May 8, 11:15-12:15, International Space

Explain telecomms in the EU. Mozilla Fellow and Executive Director Thomas Lohninger will explain how net neutrality and 5G intersect. Learn more.

Details: Wednesday, May 8,  13:45-14:15, Stage 4

If you’re interested in speaking with Mozilla staff at re:publica, please email