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Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” movie Browser Wallpapers only available on Firefox for Android and iOS

Last month we created new Firefox desktop colorways celebrating Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” streaming only on Disney+ March 11 (subscription required. 18+ to subscribe). It’s a fun way to show your personality by changing the way your Firefox browser looks, with colors and moods inspired by some of the main characters in the film. Today, we’ve got mobile wallpapers inspired by the all-new movie, based on the coming-of-age story of Mei Lee, a teen who when she gets too excited, transforms into a giant red panda (fun fact: a red panda is also known as a fire fox!). We’ve also created a destination for all things 2002 nostalgia and will be having conversations with people about their journeys to embrace their true colors online.

You can find the wallpapers feature by opening your Firefox Mobile app and double clicking the Firefox logo on the homepage or in your Customization Settings. We will have a variety of wallpapers for you to choose and pick one that suits your style. The wallpapers will be only available to US users. We will have new wallpaper options to share globally in the coming months.

Plus, new features for Firefox on mobile:

  • Firefox on iOS: Search Bar – Bottom or Top? Your choice – Now available on the latest Firefox for iOS is a new adjustable search bar so you can set it at the bottom or top of the screen. This slight change makes all the difference in quickly getting you to the places you want to visit online.
  • Firefox Focus on Android: Get more private with HTTPS-only mode – In January, we added one of our strongest privacy protections, Total Cookie Protection to Firefox Focus on Android. As our simple, privacy by default companion app, we wondered what more we can do in making Firefox Focus more secure for our users and thought of our HTTPS-only mode. It felt like a natural fit for Firefox Focus. HTTPS is a technical concept and we break it down here. TL;DR: Firefox Focus for Android now automatically opts into HTTPS for the best available security and privacy – supporting life’s get in and out of moments where you may want to do quick searches with no distractions or worries.

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