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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2008-09-08

Attendees: djst, cilias, zzxc, cww, nkoth, myles7897


  • Welcome to the team, Matthew (zzxc) and Cheng (cww)! [1]
  • Gathering/reporting top issues
    • cww has been reading forum threads and e-mail
    • zzxc has helped with Live Chat logs
    • Need more people to monitor the data, especially the forum — cww to approach forum moderators about it first
    • We need to get the hard numbers of the poll “Did this article solve a problem?” — current % stats is useless to determine which are our most common problems — cww to ask np about getting a quick query run on a weekly basis until we can get this implemented and run automatically
    • Idea: categorize problems similar to the RRRT did it
  • Weekly metrics
    • When will we be using Omniture? Need to get team members set up to access it, then learn the system. Possibly schedule a quick meeting with our metrics guru Ken to get our questions answered. :)
  • Norton 360 (bug 452469) – new instructions up in Bookmarks and toolbar buttons not working after upgrading based on info from tomcat
    • 30% of people gets their problem solved with that article.
    • Working with QA to investigate this further. Rebooting works temp. firefox.exe never closes.

Knowledge Base

  • Bugzilla: 4 new article bugs [2], 2 article bugs fixed [3][4]
  • Need to work on print problems article – cilias & zzxc to work together to make sure we’re covering all issues people are reporting
  • In case you missed it We now have notification of when a new translation is created.
  • A How to Contribute start page for localizers would be nice, listing things like how to translate the interface, articles, enabling new article notifications, etc — cilias to start working on this
  • Gathering feedback and suggestions for new article editor. [5]


  • High traffic
  • Really slow performance
  • Most Popular Thread list now only includes the last few weeks’ popularity, which actually makes the list useful :) Should be renamed Most visited Threads.
  • RSS feed for a whole forum, similar to Mozilla’s intranet forum? Functionality exists in TikiWiki, but we need to test it for db load etc. Cww to file a bug.

Live Chat

  • Traffic still high from MU release, helpers get burned out quickly, ca 822 chats
  • 56% of chats answered — new record since Firefox 3 release!
  • 6 new accounts last week
  • Notes/status on a sample of ~70 chats
    • Top issues: bookmarks in location bar, Norton 360 locks places.sqlite, Firefox crashes, Firefox will not start, some printer drivers print garbage text, lost bookmarks
  • Contributors conference now proxied to #sumo thanks to mzz’s bot