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Meet the new SUMO team!

There has been some changes to the SUMO team recently. Jason Barnabe, who maintains the Support Forum, unfortunately doesn’t have enough time to maintain a full-time job and administrate the Support Forum at the same time. He has made awesome contributions to the project over the year, and we’re incredibly thankful for that. Fortunately, he will remain an active SUMO contributor, so we certainly haven’t seen the last from him!

Also, our Live Chat maintainer Majken Connor (most of the SUMO contributors know her as “Lucy”) is moving on to explore other opportunities. We have all valued her contributions to the project and we wish her every success.

With that said, I’m very excited to announce the new team:

  • Chris Ilias remains the “keeper of the Knowledge Base,” as he likes to call it. :) He is responsible for, among other things, reviewing article edits by the community, training and answering questions from contributors, improving our contributor documentation, gathering article feedback and statistics and ensuring that it is shared with the community.
  • Matthew Middleton is the new Live Chat maintainer. Matthew started as a Live Chat volunteer back in January, and since then he’s become more and more active. He has actually been a Live Chat administrator in over a month now, but will now take an even more active role withing the SUMO community. He has impressed a lot of people at Mozilla recently with his incredible dedication, so I’m very happy to have him as part of the SUMO team.
  • Cheng Wang is the new Support Forum maintainer, and will work on various things in the project, like administrating the forum, room monitoring Live Chat shifts, and collaborating with the rest of the team and even other parts of Mozilla like the QA team, to figure out our most commonly reported issues with Firefox. Cheng also started contributing back in January and has already made a huge difference by introducing new volunteers and helping the planning and organizing of events like the Support Firefox Days.

This picture was taken from the Mozilla Summit in Whistler, BC. From left to right: Nelson Ko, Jason Barnabe, Laura Thomson, Matthew Middleton, Majken Connor, me, Cheng Wang, Brian Krausz, and Chris Ilias.

Together we will work hard to make our users happy, grow our community, interact with other teams at Mozilla to share insights and information, and shape what we think will become the future definition of Open Source Support.

Stay tuned for part four of The vision for SUMO