SUMO Newsletter?

There’s been a discussion in the newsgroup (a place where many of the discussions behind the SUMO project are taking place that for various reasons aren’t happening in the Contributor Forum) about an about:sumo newsletter, similar to how we already have newsletters for Add-ons (about:addons) and the whole Mozilla project (about:mozilla).

SUMO contributor myles7897 originally proposed the idea, and more importantly, created a pretty fantastic mockup of how such a newsletter could look like and include:

We’d like to hear what you think of this idea and whether or not this would be useful to you. The idea is that we would blog about various SUMO related things as we already do, and then collect and package the most interesting bits every month and turn that into this newsletter format.

Thanks to myles7897 for creating the mockup, and to Bubo for proof-reading!