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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2008-12-08

Attendees: djst, cilias, zzxc, cww, lucy


Knowledge Base

  • Almost 200 article comments (140 since Wednesday night)
    • Caused by the major update
    • cilias will post useful comments in Contributors forum
  • Filed bug 467814 for a separate article about places being locked.
    • For clarification: unchecking the “Read-only” attribute not the solution. Solution is to rename (or delete) places.sqlite and import a backup
  • 3 new articles to review this week.
  • “Images or animations do not show” overhaul waiting for review [1]
  • cilias will post summary of l10n feedback shortly
  • How to handle Firefox 2 content discussion [2]


  • Users who are answering without logging in or registering. Probably a good thing, will have better stats when we start tracking statuses.

Live Chat

  • Openfire server problems should be resolved now
    • Sometimes Foxkeh wasn’t showing
  • Archiver broken by update, not possible to get last week’s weekly metrics
  • Stats from last week: 4 new accounts, 1 account approval, 1 new user ready to be approved
  • Top issues (cww to merge this with Weekly Issues doc)
    • Bookmarks in the Smart Location bar after history is cleared
    • Firefox crashes while browsing, downloading, or printing: 9
      • Plugins and extensions seem to be the most common causes
    • Passwords not saved: 4
    • Corrupt cookies, logins not saved


  • We need to get a tools server set up so we can do automated weekly metrics and other stuff on a dedicated server: bug 467829
  • bug 467018 causing trouble. zzxc to test and provide more info, and djst to bring this up during the sumodev meeting.
  • Blog schedule for this week is empty/open.
    • Publish an official blog schedule for the SUMO blog?
      • Doesn’t seem like it’s needed considering the team size and blogging frequency. We just want to make sure everyone doesn’t blog the same day.