SUMO 0.7.3

On Tuesday December 2nd, the bug fixes for SUMO 0.7.3 were applied to the Firefox Support web site.

One new feature that should help us get a better handle on forum responses is the ability to classify response as actual attempts to help the user, rather than something like a “me too” post or someone clarifying the problem.  Specifically, you can classify your response as a proposed solution to the problem or a request for more information. We can then have more accurate numbers on how many threads are actually getting help; and contributors and filter threads based on the whether or not a solution has already been proposed, using the “Solved Status” drop-down menu mentioned in the SUMO 0.7.2 post.

To classify your response when you compose a forum response, click on the drop-down menu just above the text area, called “Select purpose of your response:” and choose the most fitting item.

In addition, there was a major bug which caused new articles not to be assigned to any language, and prevented contributors from removing the “Content may be out of date” warning on some articles. That bug has now been fixed. You can test this out by creating a new article. As a result, localizers should now be receiving notifications of new translations again.

You can see a full list of SUMO 0.7.3 bug fixes in Bugzilla. Remember that if you see any bugs on or you think of a great new feature for the web site, please let us know about it in the Contributors Forum or file a bug in Bugzilla.