A glimpse of 2022

Hey SUMO nation,

Time surely flies, and here we are, already at the end of the year. 2022 has been an amazing year for the Customer Experience team. We welcomed 5 new people to our team this year, including 2 engineers, and 1 technical writer.

As an extension of our team, the SUMO community definitely plays an important role in our achievements. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what the community has accomplished this year. 

  • Forum

From January 1 to November 11, we posted 49K answers (from non-OP* users) to 28K questions posted on the forum. On average, our answer rate within 72 hours is 75% while our solved rate is around 14%. In a month, around 300 users have contributed to the forum (including the OP).

*See Support glossary
  • KB

From January 1 to November 11, the KB contributors have made 1746 revisions (all contributor revisions) with a 73% review rate and 95% approval rate. On average, we have in total of 30 contributors to our Knowledge Base on a monthly basis. 

  • Localization

The localization community had been doing great things this year by submitting to 13K revisions from January 1 to November 11. The review rate for the localization is looking pretty good at 90%, while the approval rate is 99%. On average, there are around 73 contributors involved on a monthly basis, from around 30 locales. We saw the PT-PT community has been recently re-activated as well after the pandemic, which is amazing.

  • Social Support

From January 1 to December 28, the Social Support Contributors have contributed to 908 responses in total (39.6% of our total responses). We also have been able to improve our resolved rate from 58% in 2021 to 70% this year. 

  • Mobile Store

Last but not least, from January 1 to Dec 28, the Mobile Store Support contributors have contributed to 1.6K replies and onboarded 4 new contributors this year. The response conversion (comparison between total responses against total moderation) rate is also looking good, with 47% on average throughout the year. Meaning, 47% of reviews that contributors moderated are replied to.

Apart from that, we have also managed to work on a few projects throughout the year:

  • Mobile hybrid support

In Q2, we hired a Community Support Advocate whose primary role is to support the mobile store ecosystem by moderating questions in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This Community Support Advocate is working alongside contributors on Google Play Store and takes primary care of the App Store reviews as well as moderating forum questions (mainly by adding tags) for the mobile products to this day.

With the spirit of continuing the community program, we also rename the Mobile Support program to Mobile Store Support in Q4 with the introduction of the new contributor onboarding page.

  • Locale audit

We also did a locale audit in Q2 to check on the stage of our localization community. I presented the result of the audit on the community call in June.

  • Internal community dashboard

After the platform team fixed the data pipeline issue that was going on since the beginning of the year, Q3 follows with a project to create an internal community dashboard. I gave a brief overview of the project back then on the community call in July.

  • MR2022

Major Release 2022 went smoothly in Q3 because of the support of you all. Similar to what we did for the Major Release last year, we also prepared a list of changes for contributors and monitor the inbounds closely across the channels that we oversee. This time, the product team also worked with the CMO team to collect rapid feedback about some of the major features that we released in Firefox 106.

  • Contributor onboarding launch

In early November, we finally got to see the new face of our contributor onboarding page, which was formerly called the Get Involved page. You can learn more about this update in this blog post or by directly checking out the page.

It was not all rainbows and butterflies, though. On September 2022, we learned the news about the passing of one of our top contributors in the forum, FredMcD. It was definitely a great loss for the community.

Despite all the bumps, we do survive the year 2022, with grace and triumph. All the numbers that I presented at the beginning are not merely metrics. They are reflections of a collective effort from all of you, Mozillians around the world, who work tirelessly to keep the internet healthy and supported each other in the spirit of keeping the internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. I’m proud of working alongside you all and to reflect on what we have accomplished this year.

And yes, let’s keep on rocking the helpful web through 2023 and beyond!


If you’re a looker and interested in contributing to Mozilla Support, please head over to our Contribute page to learn more about our programs!