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What’s up with SUMO – December 2022

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since our last monthly update. Ever since our internal dashboard was broken, we didn’t have an easy way to export the platform data. Now that we got access to our data back, let’s talk about what we’ve missed.

Welcome note and shout-outs

  • Welcome to Daniel López, Spencer Peck, Rafael Oliver, and Edoardo Viola. Thanks for joining the Social & Mobile Store Support.
  • Thanks to every one of you for contributing to SUMO. Those who replied to our users in the forum, Twitter, or Play Store reviews. All of you who helped us improve the Knowledge Base. Last but not the least, to many of you who helped translate the help articles to your local languages. Thank you all so much! I can’t stress enough that SUMO cannot exist without you. ❤️❤️❤️

If you know anyone that we should feature here, please contact Kiki and we’ll make sure to add them in our next edition.

Community news

  • Forum question detail is now limited only to these groups and the trusted contributors group.
  • Our new contribute page is finally released. Check out what we’ve changed and share the news to your network and local community.
  • We have a new Technical Writer joined the content team on late October. Please join me to welcome to Lucas.
  • Learn more about Hubs transition and how it impacts the support team in this blog post.
  • Learn more about Mozilla x Pulse acquisition.
  • Watch the community call in December to learn more about what we’ve accomplished throughout this year.

Catch up

  • Watch the monthly community call if you haven’t. Learn more about what’s new in August, September, October, November and December! Reminder: Don’t hesitate to join the call in person if you can. We try our best to provide a safe space for everyone to contribute. You’re more than welcome to lurk in the call if you don’t feel comfortable turning on your video or speaking up. If you feel shy to ask questions during the meeting, feel free to add your questions on the contributor forum in advance, or put them in our Matrix channel, so we can answer them during the meeting.
  • If you’re an NDA’ed contributor, you can watch the recording of the Customer Experience weekly scrum meeting from AirMozilla to catch up with the latest product updates.
  • Consider subscribe to Firefox Daily Digest to get daily updates about Firefox from across different platforms.
  • Check out SUMO Engineering Board to see what the platform team is currently doing.
  • Check out the following release notes from Kitsune in the month:

Community stats


KB pageviews (*)

* KB pageviews number is a total of KB pageviews for /en-US/ only
Month Page views Vs previous month
August 2022 7,419,744 1.29%
September 2022 7,258,663 -2.17%
October 2022 7,545,033 3.95%
November 2022 7,156,797 -5.15%

Top 5 KB contributors in the last 90 days: 

KB Localization

Top 10 locales based on total page views

Locale Aug 2022 Sep 2022 Oct 2022 Nov 2022 Localization progress
de 8.35% 8.58% 9.40% 9.94% 97%
zh-CN 7.39% 7.34% 6.83% 7.44% 100%
fr 5.96% 7.07% 7.22% 7.24% 89%
es 5.85% 6.11% 5.91% 5.89% 32%
pt-BR 5.04% 4.25% 3.89% 3.55% 56%
ru 3.98% 4.11% 4.06% 4.04% 86%
ja 3.81% 3.90% 4.03% 4.01% 52%
pl 2.00% 2.16% 2.17% 2.20% 87%
It 1.85% 2.26% 2.37% 2.20% 99%
zh-TW 1.47% 1.57% 1.69% 1.57% 4%
* Locale pageviews is an overall pageviews from the given locale (KB and other pages)

** Localization progress is the percentage of localized article from all KB articles per locale per Dec 8,2022

Top 5 localization contributors in the last 90 days: 

Forum Support

Forum stats

Month Total questions Answer rate within 72 hrs Solved rate within 72 hrs Forum helpfulness
Aug 2022 3247 73.11% 9.52% 57.30%
Sep 2022 3337 70.99% 9.32% 58.25%
Oct 2022 3997 64.95% 9.06% 58.26%
Nov 2022* 1196 63.04% 7.19% 52.51%
* November data is updated only up to Nov 11th

Top 5 forum contributors in the last 90 days: 

Social Support

Channel Total incoming conv Conv interacted Resolution rate
Aug 2022 381 409 77.39%
Sep 2022 197 183 83.53%
Oct 2022 254 275 70.68%
Nov 2022 201 175 48.73%

Top 5 Social Support contributors in the past 2 months: 

  1. Jens Hausdorf
  2. Tim Maks
  3. Christophe Villeneuve
  4. Bithiah K
  5. Magno Reis

Play Store Support

Channel Aug – Nov 2022
Total reviews moderated Total reviews replied
Firefox for Android 3733 2187
Firefox Focus for Android 1680 554
Firefox Klar Android 2 0

Top 5 Play Store contributors in the past 4 months: 

Product updates

To catch up on product releases update, please watch the recording of the Customer Experience scrum meeting from AirMozilla. You can also subscribe to the AirMozilla folder by clickling on the Subscribe button at the top right corner of the page to get notifications each time we add a new recording.

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