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What’s up with SUMO – Q2 2024

Hi everybody,

As we wrap up the second quarter of 2024, it’s time to reflect on our accomplishments and the ongoing efforts within our community. It’s been a busy Q2. And many of you have made some of that work possible by really jumping in to help. It’s time to celebrate and look back on our accomplishments before we gather more strength again to continue our fights for the healthy internet.

Welcome note and shout-outs

If you know anyone that we should feature here, please contact Kiki and we’ll make sure to add them in our next edition.

Community news

Platform updates

  • We released a bunch of stuff with Kitsune 1.0.3 on May 15, 2024. There’s a recap of this release here, which includes group messaging capability, in-product indicator on a KB, and Google Analytics migration. You can also check out the full release note on GitHub.
  • On May 30, 2024, we released an exciting change in Kitsune, which is KB metadata information. We also released an improvement to the article metadata with the release of Kitsune 1.0.6 on June 5, 2024. You may see this contributor thread to read the recap of this release.

Stay updated

  • Join our discussions in the contributor forum to see what’s happening in the latest release on Desktop and mobile.
  • Watch the monthly community call if you haven’t. Learn more about what’s new in April, May, and June! Reminder: Don’t hesitate to join the call in person if you can. We try our best to provide a safe space for everyone to contribute. You’re more than welcome to lurk in the call if you don’t feel comfortable turning on your video or speaking up. If you feel shy to ask questions during the meeting, feel free to add your questions on the contributor forum in advance, or put them in our Matrix channel, so we can answer them during the meeting.
  • If you’re an NDA’ed contributor, you can watch the recording of our bi-weekly Release Meeting from AirMozilla to catch up with the latest product releases. You can also subscribe to the AirMozilla folder by clicking on the Subscribe button at the top right corner of the page to get notifications each time we add a new recording.
  • Consider subscribing to Firefox Daily Digest to get daily updates (Mon-Fri) about Firefox from across the internet.
  • Check out SUMO Engineering Board to see what the platform team is cooking in the engine room. Also, check out this page to see our latest release notes

Community stats

I still haven’t got my hands on GA4 data, so stay tuned for KB and localization stats! 


KB pageviews (*)

* KB pageviews number is a total of KB pageviews for /en-US/ only

Month Page views Vs previous month
Apr 2024
May 2024
Jun 2024

Top 5 KB contributors in the last 90 days: 

KB Localization

Top 10 locales based on total page views

Locale Apr 2024 (*) May 2024 (*) Jun 2024 (*) Localization progress (per July 8)(**)
de 91%
fr 86%
zh-CN 100%
es 24%
ja 36%
ru 100%
pt-BR 41%
It 100%
pl 83%
zh-TW 3%
* Locale pageviews is an overall pageview from the given locale (KB and other pages)

** Localization progress is the percentage of localized article from all KB articles per locale

Top 5 localization contributors in the last 90 days: 

Forum Support

Forum stats

Month Total questions Answer rate within 72 hrs Solved rate within 72 hrs Forum helpfulness
Apr 2024 2,514 72.20% 11.14% 71.25%
May 2024 2,529 63.31% 10.24% 64.57%
Jun 2024 2,421 63.82% 10.24% 65.45%

Top 5 forum contributors in the last 90 days: 

Social Support

Month Total replies Total moderation by contributors Reply conversion rate
Apr 2024 22 54 40.74%
May 2024 26 55 47.27%
Jun 2024 28 78 35.90%

Top 5 Social Support contributors in the past 3 months: 

Play Store Support

Month Total replies Total interactions Reply conversion rate
Apr 2024 53 166 31.93%
May 2024 141 271 52.03%
Jun 2024 158 279 56.63%

Top 5 Play Store contributors in the past 3 months: 

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