Kitsune Release Notes – May 15, 2024

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Description of new features, how it benefits the user, and any relevant details.

  • Group messaging: Staff group members can send messages to groups as well as individual users.
  • Staff group permissions: We are now using a user’s membership in the Staff group rather than the user’s is_staff attribute to determine elevated privileges like being able to send messages to groups or seeing restricted KB articles
  • In-product link on article page: You’ll now see an indicator on the KB article page for articles that are the target of in-product links. This is visible to users in the Staff group.

Screenshot of the in-product indicator in a KB article


Explanation of the enhancements or changes to existing features, including performance improvements, user interface changes, etc.

  • Conversion from GA3 to GA4 data API for gathering Google Analytics data: We recently migrated SUMO’s Google Analytics (GA) from GA3 to GA4. This has temporarily impacted our access to historical data on the SUMO KB Dashboard. Data will now be pulled from GA4, which only has data since April 10, 2024. The number of “Visits” for the “Last 90 days” and “Last year” will only reflect the data gathered since this date. Stay tuned for additional dashboard updates, including the inclusion of GA3 data.

Screenshot of the Knowledge Base Dashboard in SUMO

Screenshot of how the new SUMO inbox looks like

  • Removed New Contributors link from the Contributor Tools: Discussions section of the top main menu (#1746)


Brief description of the bug and how it was fixed, possibly including affected components.