Review of the year so far, and looking forward to the next 6 months.

In 2019 we started looking into our experiences and 2020 saw us release the new responsive redesign, a new AAQ flow, a finalized Firefox Accounts migration, and a few other minor tweaks. We have also performed a Python and Django upgrade carrying on with the foundational work that will allow us to grow and expand our support platform. This was a huge win for our team and the first time we have improved our experience in years! The team is working on tracking the impact and improvement to our overall user experience.

We also know that contributors in Support have had to deal with an old, sometimes very broken, toolset, and so we wanted to work on that this year. You may have already heard the updates from Kiki and Giulia through their monthly strategy updates. The research and opportunity identification the team did was hugely valuable, and the team identified onboarding as an immediate area for improvement. We are currently working through an improved onboarding process and look forward to implementing and launching ongoing work.

Apart from that, we’ve done a quite chunk of work on the Social Support side with the transition from Buffer Reply to Conversocial. The change was planned since the beginning of this year and we worked together with the Pocket team on the implementation. We’ve also collaborated closely with the marketing team to kick off the @FirefoxSupport Twitter account that we’ll be using to focus our Social Support community effort.

Now, the community managers are focusing on supporting the Fennec to Fenix migration. A community campaign to promote the Respond Tool is lining up in parallel with the migration rollout this week and will run until the end of August as we’re completing the rollout.

We plan to continue implementing the information architecture we developed late last year that will improve our navigation and clean up a lot of the old categories that are clogging up our knowledge base editing tools. We’re also looking into redesigning our internal search architecture, re-implement it from scratch and expand our search UI.

2020 is also the year we have decided to focus more on data. Roland and JR have been busy building out our product dashboards, all internal for now – and we are now working on how we make some of this data publicly available. It is still work in progress, but we hope to make this possible sometime in early 2021.

In the meantime, we welcome feedback, ideas, and suggestions. You can also fill out this form or reach out to Kiki/Giulia for questions. We hope you are all as excited about all the new things happening as we are!

Patrick, on behalf of the SUMO team