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Adjusting to changes at Mozilla

Earlier last week, Mozilla announced a number of changes and these changes include aspects of SUMO as well.

For a high level overview of these changes, we encourage you to read Mitchell’s address to the community. For Support, the most immediate change is that we will be creating a more focused team that combines Pocket Support and Mozilla Support into a single team.

We want to take a moment to stress that Mozilla remains fully committed to our Support team and community, and the team changes are in no way a reflection on Mozilla’s focus on Support moving forward. The entire organization is grateful for all the hard work the community does everyday to support the products we all love. Community is the heart of Mozilla, and that can be said for our support functions as well. As we make plans as a combined Support team, we’d love to hear from you as well, so please feel free to reach out to us.

We very much appreciate your patience while we adjust to these changes.

On behalf of the Support team – Rina