Introducing the Customer Experience Team

A few weeks ago, Rina discussed the impact of the recent changes in Mozilla on the SUMO team. This change has resulted in a more focused team that combines Pocket Support and Mozilla Support into a single team that we’re calling Customer Experience, led by Justin Rochell. Justin has been leading the support team in Pocket and will now broaden his responsibilities to oversee Mozilla’s products as well as SUMO community.

Here’s a short introduction from Justin:

Hey everyone! I’m excited and honored to be stepping into this new role leading our support and customer experience efforts at Mozilla. After heading up support at Pocket for the past 8 years, I’m excited to join forces with SUMO to improve our support strategy, collaborate more closely with our product teams, and ensure that our contributor community feels nurtured and valued. 

One of my first support jobs was for an email client called Postbox, which is built on top of Thunderbird. It feels as though I’ve come full circle, since was a valuable resource for me when answering support questions and writing knowledge base articles. 

You can find me on Matrix at – I’m eager to learn about your experience as a contributor, and I welcome you to get in touch. 

We’re also excited to welcomer Olivia Opdahl, who is a Senior Community Support Rep at Pocket and has been on the Pocket Support team since 2014. She’s been responsible for many things in addition to support, including QA, curating Pocket Hits, and doing social media for Pocket.

Here’s a short introduction from Olivia:

Hi all, my name is Olivia and I’m joining the newly combined Mozilla support team from Pocket. I’ve worked at Pocket since 2014 and have seen Pocket evolve many times into what we’re currently reorganizing as a more integrated part of Mozilla. I’m excited to work with you all and learn even more about the rest of Mozilla’s products! 

When I’m not working, I’m probably playing video games, hiking, learning programming, taking photos or attending concerts. These days, I’m trying to become a Top Chef, well, not really, but I’d like to learn how to make more than mac and cheese :D

Thanks for welcoming me to the new team! 

Besides Justin and Olivia, JR/Joe Johnson, who you might remember for being a maternity cover for Rina earlier this year, will step in as a Release/Insights Manager for the team and work closely with the product team. Joni will continue to be our Content Lead and Angela as a Technical Writer. I will also stay as a Support Community Manager.

We’ll be sharing more information about our team’s focus in the future as we get to know more. For now, please join me to welcome Justin and Olivia on the team!


On behalf of the Customer Experience Team,